End of an Era: Here’s know the biography of Big

The Big Bull of the Indian Stock Market named Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is no more alive. According to media reports, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala died due to kidney disease and died on 14 August 2022 at 6:45 am at Breach Candy Hospital. With kidney failure, the hospital reported that he had multiple organ failures. Furthermore, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has […]Read More

Top 5 Best FPS games on Android in 2021

FPS games (first person shooters) are one of the most exciting game genres in gaming Arena. This is one of the most popular styles ever in gaming section. Here are the Top 5 best FPS games on Android right now. Most of these require at least a semi-decent instrument to play. They have heavy graphics, […]Read More

Top 5 Best Assault Rifle Guns in Free Fire

Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons that players can use on the battlefield on different maps. In Free Fire, players mostly look for the guns that have the most damage, in order to take down enemies quickly. Assault rifles are probably the most choice class of weapons in Free Fire and any other […]Read More

Top 5 games best mobile rpg games in 2021

If you are also looking for some amazing role-playing games but you don’t have time to play the game on your desktop or laptop. Then you will love this list. Here are some of the most amazing RPG games available on Android. Here are the 5 best RPG games for Android that you can play […]Read More

Top 5 Best Survival Mobile games in 2021

As we all know Free Fire, BGMi is a survival battle royal game. So if you are a player who is one of the survival games lovers. Then you will love these games for your smartphone. Today I have come up with top 5 games which are very similar to Free Fire and BGMI games. […]Read More

Best 5 Tips to use Sniper Rifles in Free Fire

Helps sniper players to win in Free Fire. With the help of sniper, players are able to do secure kills from a long distance. In such a situation, players need good snipers so that they can win by killing the enemies. Although players should know good sniper rifles as well as good skills to use […]Read More

Top 5 best Passive Abilities Character In Free Fire OB29

Characters with active skills such as DJ Alok, Skyler, Chrono and Wukong often supervise other characters in Free Fire. Still, we feel that passive abilities are so underestimated. You don’t have to worry about when and where to use the skill. Therefore, there is more room to focus on strategy and gunfights. Check out the […]Read More

These are The Best LMG and SMG Guns in Free

Free Fire has a very strong weapon system. Which has a lot of guns that other battle royals don’t have. In fact, they are adding more and more weapons to the game. The OB27 featured a brand new subclass ‘LMG’, with new gun cords and class ‘mechanics’. In this article, we are going to showcase […]Read More

Using These Methods To Win Every Matches in Free Fire

Garena Free Fire battle royale game has emerged as a popular game just like PUBG Mobile or Battleground Mobile India. The special thing about this game is that it can be played even in budget smartphones. Because of this, its downloads have increased a lot. To win matches and rank well in the Free Fire […]Read More

Fans are waiting for these 10 video games on mobile

People who love video games now mostly play games on their mobile phones. In view of this, smartphone companies are bringing good gaming phones one by one. Now many popular games are also preparing to come to the smartphone soon. These include names like Pokemon Unite, Battlefield Mobile and Hitman: Sniper Assassin. Now people will […]Read More