8Bit Goldy Biography : Here’s Know Earning and Achivements of 8Bit Goldy

Lokesh Jain, popularly known as Goldy, is the elder brother of the Indian PUBG mobile community and can often be seen stepping into complex situations to help solve them. He also co-owns an Esport organization called 8bit and as a talent agency streamed and influenced in a similar way. Goldy is also part of the S8UL gang, often seen in videos, streams and social media interacting with other members.

We talk to 8 Bit Goldy on all things Indian esports and that is to say. He has his YouTube channel with 140K subscribers where he lives in the stream and uploads gameplay videos to Pubg. Goldy YouTube channel is considered one of the best gaming channels in India. Goldy has won the PMIT 2019 trophy and is known as the best Clash Royal roster in the country.

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Personal Information of 8Bit Goldy

He is from a rich family. All members of his family belong to their respective occupations. His family business is very successful, which is why he belongs to a prosperous society. 8bit Goldy spent a quality lifestyle with her family and friends. He thought of investing in eSports, which is why he formed an 8bit organization in association with 8bit Thugs.

The 8bit Goldy is the main think tank of the S8UL. Recently he plans to relocate the s8ul Gaming House Bootcamp to a new location, as well as he manages the professional lives of most members of the S8UL. According to Sources, he went to the University of Hong Kong to study business, and now starts managing his family’s export business.

His aim is to become an independent business man with the largest eSports organization in India and who will proceed with his existence without any qualifications. Still, not with my family’s cash! His parents have never interfered in any business or startup he founded. Rather, his father has always been supportive. Therefore, they do not keep a close watch on his activities in gaming. But know of him that he is some small person in the gaming scene.

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8Bit Goldy Biography : Gaming Intrest

During his school days, he was a ruined child and was getting that bitchy, careless and esensible in his batch. He was an easy gamer since his teens and played without any special reason. Goldie began playing computer games, Nintendo and then PlayStation. One fine day, on his way to Vietnam, a personal explorer introduced him to PUBG Mobile, and he became dependent on it. As an energetic person, he needed to make the best out of the game by giving him time and energy. Goldy did not have much understanding with regard to contemplation. In any case, he felt that schooling was important. He therefore fulfilled the need for independent for a better future.

8Bit Goldy Monthly and Yearly Income

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His major source of income is his own family business which deals with manufacturing and exports. He supports his father and brother in his business. The secondary income source for that is 8bit Organization. From the 8bit organization, he is earning through:

  • Sponserships
  • Brand Merchant 
  • Tournament Prize Pool

Monthly income – 10 lakhs 

Yearly Income – 1 Cr approx 

Source – Google

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