Akshay Kumar announce, FAUG is getting a Team Deathmatch mode soon

FAUG (Fearless and United Guards), nCore Games’ online multiplayer action game, will soon get a multiplayer mode. FAU-G developers took to Twitter to announce that FAU-G was getting a new mode. Which name is multiplayer team deathmatch mode soon.

The Team Deathmatch will be a 5v5 mode allowing a total of 10 players to compete against each other. There will probably be a new map, in which both teams can battle. Apparently, multiplayer mode is already listed on the app. However, it has not yet been made accessible to players. To note, the popular FVP (first-person shooter) titles Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile already have Team Deathmatch Mode. COD provides multiplayer gameplay for about 7 minutes. While the typical deathmatch in PUBG is about 10 to 15 minutes.

The gun harmonization seems to be more accurate in call of duty than the PuBG mobile. In addition, the former offers more sophisticated maps than Tencent-owned games.

Team Deathmatch mode is already present in the game, but not accessible. Once launched, it will be an addition to the hand-to-hand combat campaign mode, which is simple to play but quite boring. Click here to check our review of FAUG. The new update may also introduce new guns and weapons at the end.

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Having said that, FAUG only involves hand-to-hand combat. Whether it lives up to the popular COD multiplayer deathmatch format remains to be seen. nCore Games developer has previously confirmed that a battle will bring royal mode in the near future.

To recall, FAUG was launched as a PUBG option in India in January this year. Although the game was downloaded by more than five million users during its initial release on Google Play, the game currently has a rating of 3.2. The reason for this significant decline from the 4.5 rating is due to the average contention mechanics offering minimum ratings, single player campaigns and average two buttons. With critics citing the game being iterated and flooding negative feedback on the Play Store, perhaps this has prompted the Indian game developer to add new content to the FAU-G.

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The exact release date of Team Deathmatch Mode is currently unknown. We will share more information about the update when more information is available.

How to Download FAU-G ?

FAU-G has just been released for Android devices and players can download the game to their phones through the Google Play Store. Devices will be required to run Android OS 8 Oreo or above to play the game. The FAU-G is a massive game size at 460 MB, a size that comes with its prerequisites. Not all phones will be able to run this game easily, and this will be a big issue for budget-friendly Android phones. There will be no problem in running this game in mid to high range phones.

FAU-G Game Download Link 

To download FAU-G, players only need to go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘FAU-G’. If their devices include requirements to play the game, players can click download to get the game on their phone. FAU-G does not require any sign-in information to run, but requires an active and stable Internet connection.

Source – Google

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