BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Livik

Livik is one of the smallest maps in PUBG Mobile India/BGMI, measuring only 2×2 square kilometres. It is generally considered to be a combination of Erangel and Vikendi. Both of which have some characteristics. Due to the small number of players (52) and the small map, each match at Livik is quite short. Games usually end in 15 minutes. In which a lot of players die in the Blue Zone. In this article, We are going to list the top 5 hot spots to drop into Livik.

1. Midstein

Midstein, the largest city on the map, is the most wanted place on Livik. Be prepared for fierce fighting in squads, because often 3-4 teams fall here. Midstein has ample high level loot, from AR to SR, along with armor and scopes. Players need excellent close combat skills to survive with loot. At least you don’t have to run for the Blue Zone landing here because it’s in the middle of the Livik map.

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2. Power Plant

The powerplant is often the chosen location for the squad to land. With a decent amount of high level items, there’s enough loot here for several squads. The disadvantage of this is that you may have to fight immediately after landing. Be careful if you land slower than your enemies, as there are no buildings to use as cover. Competition is fierce, if you or your team arrives a little late. So the plant outside can be a good alternative option to leave it in the house livik.

3. Blomster

Blomster is the best place on Livik to get a sniper rifle. It is located on the western side of the map and consists of a large warehouse with several compartments. Where there is often high level loot. Just try to rob quickly when landing, as there aren’t many buildings around. In addition, they are all located very far from each other. Don’t hang around in one warehouse for too long, you may need to move to other buildings to get more stuff.

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4. East Port

The eastern port is also on the east side of the map, opposite the shipyard in Little Bay. There are many godowns and small houses in this place in which a lot of loot takes place. Similar to a shipyard, this area is not really a hot spot and will not be there unless the aircraft route is aligned. Until then it is rarely visited. It is best to clear this spot fast and then get out of the vehicle. Players in the Blue Zone who land at this location sometimes die.

5. Shipyard

The shipyard Livik is located on the east side of the map, on the coast. This is the docking place of a beautiful ship. In which there is a lot of loot. Players can find more than enough loot for a squad inside ships and containers. People usually don’t land at this place unless the plane’s path is right above it. Because of this, Shipyard is great for those players. Those who like to play the game in a slow and steady manner.

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