BGMI Map Guide : Top 6 Hot Drops in Miramar

PUBG Mobile is finally back in India under the name Battleground Mobile India. After months of waiting, We are finally able to get back to the familiar battlefields of PUBG. Miramar is one of the best maps. The PUBG Miramar map was the second map from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and was originally so unpopular fans looked for a workaround to avoid playing on it. But the community has come to embrace its sandy charm in later years.

With long sight-lines and minimal cover thanks to its many rolling grounds, it can be an especially unforgiving place for newcomers. Whether you’re looking for the urban areas of El Pozo, the more isolated pecado, or the nooks and crannies of a water treatment plant, the PUBG Miramar map has something for all play genres. Oh, and there’s a racetrack too. In this article, we are going to list down the top 5 hot spots to kill in Miramar.

1. Los Leones

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Los Leons is the largest city on the island. It has a skyline full of new constructions along with several buildings in the center of the city. Players can get high vantage points by climbing various construction sites. Alternatively, they can look for gear in abandoned commercial buildings. Los Leones often get in the way of aircraft because of their location. This is the reason that around 15 to 20 players come to every game in the city.

2. San Martin

San Martín is located just west of Hacienda del Patrón. It has plenty of places to camp, good loot, and is close to both the boss lair and the plane. There are scenes on both sides of town – players must first scout for campers before charging. This city was once a battleground between the factions on Miramar. So the loot on this is extraordinary.

3. Hacienda del Patrón

Hacienda del Patrón near San Martín is one of the hottest places to fall in Miramar. In which there is a large villa surrounded by rolling hills. Its name means “boss’s estate” in Spanish. In PUBG lore, it is believed to be the home of the local crime lord. This place has very high quality loot. If the plane crosses it and you decide to leave. So prepare to fight other players immediately.

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4. Water Treatment

Water treatment is a small type factory. In which there are 4 to 5 water reservoirs and 2 control rooms. It has good loot inside. But not to the degree of San Martín or Hacienda del Patron. However, many players often get into it for one reason or the other. There is not much cover here, you need to land first to get the benefits.

5. El pozo

El Pozo is famous for its large entertainment and industrial districts. Players can explore the Luchador Arena or textile factories for high-quality loot, with the former being the hottest area of ​​the city. If you want a quick kill, aim to drop, gun and go wild at these hot spots in Miramar.

6. Pecado

Go Pecado if you want to die, or get a lot of practice in early game fights. This small town is located right in the middle of the map. Which means it can be reached by almost every air route. Basically the school’s version of Miramar. You fall here, grab a gun and go straight to the fight. Boxing Ring and Casino are two major attractions, and offer solid loot. But it doesn’t really matter 90% of the time. Because Pecado is always a matter of grabbing when you land and making the best of it.

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