Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 leaks and updates New map detailed, new weapon incoming

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular mobile multiplayer games in the world. Now It’s are available on iOS and Android both platforms. Activation and Tencent Games have now released their first major update of the year. Call of Duty: Mobile was the first season Started on 2020.

Call of Duty is a popular FPS first party shooting game in the PC Version. Gaming lovers around the world love it. Previously Call of Duty has available only for Pc. But previous year this game launched for smartphone users.

The new era of call of duty mobile has started. Including Season 1 of 2021: New Order Reboot. The season 1 update of the game brings a lot of new interesting content with seasonal Royal battle passes. After 2 months, Now it is finally about to end and Started to new Era of Season 2. Call of Duty Mobile has done a great job to convert PUBG Mobile into the Indian market.

In which many PUBG escaped after the ban of mobile players. Call of Duty : Mobile Season 2 is going to be just as good. In this article, we’ll list the two biggest additions to the next season of Call of Duty Mobile. Which is scheduled for release in early March.

1. New Map – New Shoothouse Map

It is a multiplayer map that was featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The map is small and full of close engagements. It is perfect for an SMG or shotgun. But there are also some visionlines for a sniper which is a field day. Shoothouse was extremely well received. It is considered one of the better maps in modern warfare.

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Shoothouse is a classic three-lane map. Each team will start at their own gate, Alpha and Bravo. The map’s central lane which including the main road and underpass. It is designed for long-distance engagement to the players. With decent vantage points. The other two lanes like container and junkyard are more of a close-quarter combat zone. Which has a good amount of cover spread all around.

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2.  New Gun – AS Val Assault Gun

When it was released in Modern Warfare and Warzone, AS Val quickly found its way into the arsenal of many streamers and top-tier players. It is a top tier assault rifle that is strong in all categories. With a powerful balance of speed and stopping power that makes it the other AR. Even allows it to compete with SMG.

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