COD Mobile Vs Apex Legend – Which is the Best Battle Royale Game?

The much-awaited battle royal game Apex Legends is finally making its way onto the mobile platform. Response Entertainment and EA recently announced that Apex Legends Mobile will soon be available on the Playstore. Now, pre-registration for the game has begun. As Apex Legends makes its way onto the mobile platform. This will give a tough competition to another mobile game. Which is adapted from a popular PC title, COD Mobile. In this article we compare Apex Legends game with COD Mobile, especially when it comes to graphics and game action. But looking at the PC version, there are a lot of inequalities that fans can draw between the two games. Here are the top five differences between Top Legends and Cod Mobile.

Top 5 Differences Between Apex Legends and Cod Mobile

1. Weapons 

Both COD Mobile and Apex Legends have similar weapon classes and many weapons with different figures. Weapons in COD Mobile have a realistic look compared to modern ones in Apex Legends. Even the rate of damage is quite different, with cods locked to Apex Legends compared to mobiles. Unlike Cod Mobile, Apex Legends allows players to incorporate their customized loot into the game. In addition, both games provide in-game physics and attachments for weapons.

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2. Maps 

Apex Legends is more BR-centric, while COD Mobile is an MP mode-oriented game. Both games have multiple in-game maps, but Apex Legends has three BR mode maps compared to a permanent BR map offered by COD Mobile. Clearly, Apex Legends is a much better Battle Royal experience than COD Mobile. Provides. Because it is because of the variety and variety that players provide.

 3. Games Modes 

Apex Legends features Battle Royal gameplay where a three or two-member squad drops on a map. The game has a total of 60 players who fight it to claim victory. Apex Legends also has a nonverbal in-game communication system called a “ping system”. Code Mobile, instead, features 100 players in various modes such as 5v5 in different MP maps, and 100 players Battle Royal in BR mode, including both MP and BR modes. Contains various temporal modes.

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4. Characters 

Both COD Mobile and Apex Legend have multiple characters with different classes. In COD mobiles that are called operators, while in Apex Legends, they are called legends. Operators of different classes, which is a rarity, have no special features other than just eye-catching skins. However they can equip specific BR class with specific capability. In contrast, legends from different categories have certain abilities, in which they specialize in defense, attack, support, and so on.

5. Health System

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COD Mobile operators are not required to heal in multiplayer mode. Whereas in Battle Royal mode, they have to recover from every damage that they have dealt. In-game healing items to boost recovery include Medicits, armor to armor plates, bunnids, and adrenaline shots. On the other hand, similar to Syringes, Made Kits, Shield Cells, and Shield Batteries for Apex Legends Legends. Offers items.

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