Do you Know about these overpowered item’s in Free Fire

Free Fire has a compact battle royale experience with fewer players and smaller maps. The game actually has a lot of extra items. Which you will meet in different ways in battle. Some of these items are very rare in Free Fire. Of course, if you are a seasoned player who has been playing the game for years, you must have already seen the secret items in Free Fire. But if you are just a new player or a casual player. So I’m sure you haven’t seen them yet. Here are those top 5 over powerfull items in Free Fire.

1. Ice Gun

Everyone is familiar with the glue wall grenade in Free Fire. However, not everyone knows that there is another object that can create a glue wall called an ice gun. The Glue Wall created by the Ice Gun can move and make it a perfect object to push the enemy. Note that the Glue Wall made by Ice Gun will have less HP than a normal Glue Wall.

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2. Info Box

After Pubg, Free Fire is also the battle royale game that allows players to see the location of the next safe zone using this item called an info box. The info box is one of the secret items in Free Fire that can give you information about the next zone and airdrop. Note that you can only use it once for Free Fire zone prediction and you cannot bring it with you.

3. Jumping Shoe

As we all know that normal jump height and distance is not enough to reach free fire secret places or perform some amazing maneuvers. But with jumping shoes, you can jump 5 to 6 times higher than normal. The higher places will be much easier to reach and you will be an extremely difficult target to kill in battle. You can activate Jumping Shoes by double-tapping your jump button.

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4. Grappling Hook Gun

If you’re a player who plays primarily in Bermuda, you’ve probably never seen this item before. The Grappling Hook Gun is a special weapon in Free Fire that appears only on the Kalahari. This weapon will launch a hook and draw the player towards the hook’s location. For a map with so many tall buildings and mountains like the Kalahari, this secret item is too strong.

5. Tool Box

Tool boxes are a rarity in Free Fire. Which can upgrade to the next level and repair your vest. This is very useful to increase your survival in the match.

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