Gamexpro Biography : Who is Gamexrpo? Here’s Know Earning of Gamexpro

Hello friends, In this article we are going to know about GameXpro aka Ravi Rawat. I have seen many people making names from games. Gamexrpo is also included in this list.  GameXpro is one of India’s largest PUBG mobile players in India. It’s makes me very proud for us. In a meeting with Gamexpro, He told how he stayed in the gaming industry and how he became his name in this community.

After this, Gamexrpo said Gaming Community has given me great pleasure and success. Social media and content creation have also paved the way for my success. I am thankful for this. However, many people ask me what is the life for Gamexpro outside the bubble of esports, and what kind of life am I living? Therefore, without further ado, I take you through my life details.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Gamexrpo ?

Gamexrpo is one of the largest PUBG mobile content creator in India.  He has more than 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube.  Not only this, he was also India’s number 1 PUBG mobile player in season 9. Gamexpro started its gaming channel in 9th July 2018.

2. How did GameExpro start gaming ?

He told that he was a very good player of mini militia in his circle of friends.  Seeing the same time, Pubg was launched in India at that time and on seeing that Pubg, They made their own gaming channel.  Before this channel, They had a channel based on earn money online. Whose name was Rawat Ji Technical. But his craze was in the game. After seeing that, GameXpro was born.

3. Gamexrpo In-game Information ?

  • Gamexpro Pubg I’d – B乛LaC丨Łegit
  • Gamexrpo Character I’d – 5397003232
  • Gamexrpo Pubg Clan – BLaC | Official
  • Gamexpro Device – iPhone 11 Pro Max, Redmi Note 4 and Poco F1, iPad Air 3
  • Gamexrpo Headphones – Mi Earphones
  • Gamexrpo In-game Achivements – Season 4 and  Season 9 one of the best Indian solo players in PUBG Mobile.
  • Gamexrpo in-game outfit – Black shorts and black zombie shirt and yellow cap.
  • Gamexpro Age – 21 Years
  • Gamexpro Pet – Messi ( Female Pitbull )

4. Where is Gamexpro from?

Ans – Gamexpro is originally from Uttarakhand. But, Now he lives in the most popular city Punjab.

5. Gamexpro Face Reveal ?

6. Gamexrpo Social Media Handles ?

6. How much gamexpro earn money from youtube ?

Ans – GameExpro Youtube channels make money through Google AdSense and sponsored ads. Typically, Youtubers does not reveal its YouTube earnings. But According to the Social Blade Platform. Gamexpro earns at least $ 5000 a month. ( Don’t confirm it’s guess only)

7. Gamexpro have any brothers?

Ans – Yes, his name is Aryan rawat

8. Gamexpro have any Girlfriend ? 

Ans – May be Yes ( It’s guess only )

9. Gamexpro Best Friends Name ?

Ans – G Guruji , Legend X , BandookBazz , Vipax Bhai , Scooby and etc.

10. What are the hobbies of Gamexpro ?

Ans – He is like to Reading, photography, learning, traveling, internet surfing and to name a few.

Final Words

So, this is all information about GameExpro Gaming including its name, age, family, earnings, address, face, clan, and more. ाIf you want to know anything more about Gamexpro. So please comment below and tell us and we will definitely tell you. If you liked this article, then let us know in the comment section. Thank you!

Source – Google & Gamexpro

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