Here’s all you need to know about the launch of FAUG on iOS

Made in India action game FAU-G, Finally, after two months of launching, the Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) game has arrived on the App Store. IPhone and iPad users can download it. Let us tell that, For the first time this game was announced after the PubG Mobile Ban announced in India. The game is designed by Bengaluru  company. This game is based on a clash between the Indian Army and Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley last year.

FAUG was launched in India on 26 January and experienced over 1 million downloads on Android the day after its launch. The game was also launched for Android users worldwide through the Google Play Store and is now available for iOS.

Ncore game developer announced that FAUG is now available for iOS and shared a link to download the game from the Apple App Store. Many iPhone users are waiting for the game to be released on iOS. Although it has taken some time, it is finally available to play on iPhone or iPad. On iOS, FAUG has a download size of 643 MB and is compatible with iOS / iPad 10.0 or higher.

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FAUG is currently rated 3.2 stars in the Google Play Store. Whereas on February 1, it got more than 6,36,766 user ratings compared to 3.5 stars. FAUG’s poor rating is due to the fact that the hype around the game was almost unclear before it began. However, the final product did not meet the expected level of players.

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The FAUG is based on the Galvan Valley conflict that took place between Indian and Chinese troops in 2020. With this game, users can only play single player campaigns based on skirmishes in the Galvan Valley. In order to create a sense of realism, the game does not include weapons and instead has to be dealt with by hand.

The developers were annoyed that a team deathmatch and a free-for-all mode were in development. But it did not reveal when players could expect to join FAUG.

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 FAUG Team Deathmatch Feature

This game is considered as an alternative of PUBG Mobile. This was launched by the Indian company nCore Games on 26 January. The game is based on the Galvan Valley fights. Which located on the India and China borders. In which some soldiers of the Indian Army are trapped in the snow storm. The other teammates arrive to save him. At launch, the game was made available for offline play only. Last month, the multiplayer mode of this game came. In this, players can play 5v5 Team Deathmatch coming soon.

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