Here’s Know, Why Chinese Players use These Weapons in Pubg Mobile Tournaments

PUBG Mobile has incidentally changed the mobile gaming landscape for professional gamers. It is now considered one of the top mobile games worldwide. What started as a simple battle royale game now offers various gameplay modes including death, domination, sniper training, and more. Today we are looking at five of the top-rated weapons available on PUBG Mobile.

Now we are strictly speaking about the guns which are available in classic mode and not in other modes. In addition, note that these are only the most frequently used and recommended options. We have listed some tips to improve your PUBG mobile gameplay.

The best PUBG mobile players in China concentrate and compete in PEL. It is by far the largest export tournament in China and brings the most spectacular performances to the spectators. Here are the most preferred weapons of PEL players.

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1. Scarl

It seems that 5.56 weapons are preferred in the PUBG Mobile Esports tournament due to their stability and stability. Therefore, even when players cannot get compensation, the objectives will not move very much. This is why the SCAR-L is also one of the most preferred weapons in PEL 2021. This meta is very new. Because AKM seemed nerfed in recent updates.

2. M416

So you will easily identify most PEL players using M416. This is because this weapon is not only powerful. Is also versatile and stable. This allows the PEL Pro player to fire in a mid-range combat. They participate in professional PUBG mobile events. Supporting players often engage in mid-range fighting rather than close combat. If they have to face enemies in close combat. So the M416 can still knock down 1 – 2 opponents in a full load of bullets.

3. Mini 14 and SLR

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In the new meta, PUBG Mobile Pro players prefer everything from semi-sniper rifles to bolt-action sniper rifles. The Mini-14 and SLR are the two most widely used semi sniper guns in this tournament. The advantages of the Mini-14 are stability and a wider bullet clip. More Chinese players use SLR because SLR deal with high damage in per hit.

4. DP – 28

The next popular weapon in PEL 2021 is the DP-28. A lot of Chinese pro players use this LMG because of its stability and large armor capability. However, its low rate of fire makes the DP-28 vulnerable in close combat. Therefore, many players use this LMG for spraying bullets in mid-range combat and M762 for close fights.

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5. Beryl M762

A lot of PUBG Mobile Pro players also like to use the M762 in the PEL 2021. This weapon is slightly buffered to make it more stable. In addition, the M762 is always a powerful AR. Which has a high rate of fire and damage per second. So, when you aim and shoot accurately. So you can knock down enemies quickly. In addition, many players also use the combo of the M762 and M416.

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