Hipfire VS ADS Fire in PUBG Mobile, Which One Is The Most Accurate on PUBG Mobile?

As we have previously stated, PUBG Mobile is a major title in the world of mobile gaming.  The game is so vast that it has various servers. Pro PUBG mobile players often use both ADS and Hipfire while playing. Let’s learn how to clear enemies quickly using PUBG Mobile Hipfire and ADS as pro players.

Benifits of Hip Fire

Hip-fire means that you fire without aiming first. You just aim with the default crosshairs. So that you can fire quickly and quickly. However, its accuracy depends on the distance and the aiming skills of the players. Meanwhile, pro players can make precise use of hip fire in the range of 5 to 15 meters.

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As long as you can control the gun recall and keep the crosshairs steady. Until then you can fire accurately with all types of weapons. Pro players often use hip fire in close combat and face-to-face combat. Especially in instant combat when a second slow can kill you. For example, PMPL and PEL, pro players use hip-fire in close combat to counter quickly.

You should use hip fire in homes or in wall-to-wall fights. In addition, they also perform hip-fire while using the shotgun. Crosshair placement is very important in hip-fire. Then, you can stabilize and aim the crosshairs when you jump or jump to fire in a face-to-face engagement with hip fire.

Benifits of ADS

It seems that hip-fire is very effective in immediate combat. However, this does not mean that you can use this strategy all the time. In addition, ADS is slow. But it is more accurate. Therefore, you should use ADS when the target is 15 meters away from you. This is because the bullets will spread and will not hit the target.

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Also, use ADS when you spot an enemy before it spots you. In Ads Firing you can spray accurately as compare to hip fire. To use ADS quickly, you should choose an appropriate forward. Angle grip is the best attachment for ADS which helps to increase the speed of opening the scope.

Then, you also need to practice until you can position the aiming point of the scope without adjusting it. Pro players use this firing mode more than hip-fire in professional competitions, such as PMPL and PEL due to its high accuracy.


For accuracy, we already know the answer, but can hipfires still be used on pubg mobiles? Nevertheless, you can use it. But at a certain level. For short-range battles with a 5M maximum range, as inside a building, hip fire can be relied on for quick fire.

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But if you are outside a building, and the target is sufficiently above 5M in distance, then you use ADS more accurately. Sometimes you need to use ADS while fighting inside the building to conserve your ammo. So make sure to adjust training and training with ADS in PUBG Mobile. Also, if you want to be a pro player, you can move the enemy around 10-30M at low-range using only 5 bullets.

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