How to Become Pro in Free Fire in 2021

In 2021, Free Fire gets many new features, characters and gameplay. Therefore, to get pro in this game you will need different strategies and tips. Here are the latest tips, tricks and guides to get How to Become Pro in Free Fire. To become a pro player in Free Fire soon, you need to master some tips and tricks. This will not only help you improve your gaming skills but will also rank faster. If your profile will have an impressive and a high position on the leaderboard. Then players know your are very Pro on Free Fire. So use these 5 tips to become Pro on Free Fire.

1. Understand All Map locations and Information

It is very important for pro players to understand all the maps and locations in Free Fire. You should know all the secret corners on those maps so that you can choose a good place to escape from the ambush of the enemy. Apart from this, you will also get to know where to go for the best loot. In addition, Free Fire pro players also remember all locations of vehicles, good supplies and all secret routes on the map.

2. Make Strategies and Tactics

In addition, Free Fire Pro players will have to learn by heart all possible scenarios and solutions for those panic situations in the game. For example, you should use grenades when running into homes and buildings. Glu wall is very useful in open fights where you have no cover. Also, if you want to play as an assassin then you should not use the vehicle in the last circles as it can reveal your position.

3. Master All Weapon

Another essential skill of pro players in this game is to wield weapons. It is very important to understand and is able to use all weapons in this game. This is because when you land on the map you will get random weapons. If you cannot use that gun or melee weapon, it can be a fatal mistake. This skill can be improved in clash squad mode and training room.

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By practicing with all free fire weapons, you will understand all the characteristics of those cannons, such as repetition, ammo ability, best attachment, effective range and the best skins for those weapons.

4. Make Synergy with your Teammates

Therefore, you should improve your teamwork skills. For example, you must have a proper squad role, such as a sniper, supporter, fragger, or squad leader. It depends on your strong points and ability. In addition, your team has to stay close to each other and communicate for the best cooperation. Apart from this, you will also have to improve your solo skills so that you can still survive and win when the last person in your team is standing.

5. Understand your role in team

Last but not least, this is an important skill in this guide on how to get a pro in Free Fire. You should select a suitable character for your squad role and strategy. Every players have different strategies and styles to play. So first you know better how’s his game style. In addition, you can make it stronger by combining it with three other skills of other characters.

If you are a tanker or scout, DJ Alok, Chrono and Kelly can be great choices. If you are a sniper, Moco and Laura may perform well. Selecting the best skill combo will give you the perfect character to win the game.

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