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PUBG’s universe is finally expanding – a new mobile title for iOS and Android has just been confirmed in a trailer. It is being called PUBG: New State. This is going to be a standalone game. The biggest update to PUBG’s original Battle Royale game so far. PUBG: New State is a futuristic game created by PUBG Studios. Which is also the producer of ‘PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’. To recall, a similar game has long been rumored to make its entry. But with ‘PUBG version 2.0’ epithet. We can assume that the new game is a sequel to the original one.

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PUBG New state was announced by and prior to this, rumors of the arrival of PUBG Mobile 2 were being received but Krafton Inc. This has proved to be true after the announcement. Battle Royal fans were excited about the release of the game. The release date for this new game developed by Crafton Inc. has not announced yet. However, Android users can register for the game in advance.

PUBG: The new state takes a futuristic approach and is set in 2051. The game time is years after the original PUBG (which is set in the present day) and displays a time when “many factions fight among themselves as chaos.”

It follows the same gameplay as the current game;  100 players are pitted against each other until a player or a team is declared the ultimate winner.  Except this time, the game provides players with various weapons, drones, deployable battle shields, vehicles, and more.

This new game is set in the year of 2051. This game same as Pubg classic game. In this game Shooting and survival remain the main consideration in the game. The standard rules of Battle Royal matches are also apply in this game same as classic mode of Pubg Global. PUBG Mobile New State will offer its players state-of-the-art technology like drones. Which will help defeat the enemies. The game will also offer modern vehicles, which players can use to travel around the map. PUBG’s ultra-realistic graphics PUBG Mobile New State will definitely impress players and make Battle Royal’s experience larger than life.

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After the trailer for PUBG Mobile New State was released, the players got more hyped. The trailer featured players in the new Battle Royal map which named is Troi. Pre-registration for the game has started in play store. Now players can go to the Google Play Store for pre-registration. Unfortunately, There has an bad news for Indian mobile gamers. This game cannot available for the Indian gamers. For now, PUBG:New State are not available in India.

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