How to fix mic Problem in PUBG Mobile without VPN Trick

Hello friends, how are you all welcome in another new post, today we are going to know how to play Pubg game without VPN? Or How to fix Mic Problem without Vpn? This is completely wrong and this can be dangerous, do not use it for you, so it is okay till then you can play another game. Until a game like Pubg arrives in India, then let us know how to play Pubg without VPN without playing Vpn in India.

Friends, let us tell you that only after the Government of India banned the game, it was removed by Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Which players in India are downloading and playing on their smartphones using Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, this is extremely dangerous to do. Because to play it on Android smartphone you have to give your Device to access the third party app. I hope you know the Pubg Mobile not supported third party apps. If pubg Detect and third party application then your account will be banned.

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After the PUBG Mobile is banned in India, Many players are facing more errors and issues like mic glitch, reconnecting with servers, high ping and network busy errors. PUBG Mobile’s servers are moving to new servers for PUBG Mobile India. This number of recent errors have reported by the players and one of those errors is the mic glitch issue. This is the normal errors of do with many players.

There are many more errors related to the mic mess, such as poor quality sound, the mic does not start. Mic is not working. Etc., which have reported by many players who use the mobile network in recent times and even many players’ know how to fix mic glitch in PUBG mobiles. But those players are don’t know how to fix this problem. Don’t take tension we are here for solve your problem.

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Use this Method to fix mic Problem in PUBG Mobile without VPN

This trick works on all devices with various internet operators like Jio, Airtel etc. Which will help you to fix mic error in PUBG Mobile. You just have to download the DNS Changer application from here and then install it on your device.

Do not change the numbers after opening the DNS Changer app. Just tap on the Start button and the application will automatically change your current DNS (Domain Name System) and assign a new DNS to your phone and work on Android as well as iOS.

DNS Changer for Android – Download Now

DNS Changer For Android – Download Now

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  • First you have to download DNS Changer from given link. 

  • Now, You have to open DNS Changer and Click to try as Free. 

  • After this click on now click to start and wait some time.


  • Now you have to give permission to connect as a vpn. 

  • After this you can see DNS Changer has connected successfully. That’s it now you Minimize this app on your background or lock in background and enjoy your Pubg Mobile without any glitch or issues.

Source – Google

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