How To Play Solo Vs Squad In PUBG Mobile? Use These 5 Tips to defeat PUBG squads

Apart from Solo, Duo and Squad, PUBG Mobile has another mode that is much more challenging. This is the Solo vs. Squad mode, Where you will play alone against all the squads in a match. Needless to say that it is almost impossible for a player to win in this mode unless they are very skillful.

Playing Solo vs. Squad in PUBG Mobile is one of the most difficult challenges in the game. Facing a team of 4 is a lot more difficult than facing 4 random players. Because a team will usually know how to coordinate with each other. I recommend this mode only to players who are already very good at the game and want to explore new challenges.

Although Solo vs. Squad mode is harder to win, it is certainly not impossible. But you will play the game in a completely different way for a chance to win. Here are the top 5 important tips and tricks to get chicken dinner in Solo vs Squad.

1. Always know your Enemies Position


Knowing the position of enemies will help you decide whether you should engage or not. As the match reaches the end. When they just finish an engagement and are doing fine. So it is best to third-party them. This is when because they are engage Fights with another teams. So can’t focus on you. You can pick them up one by one if you know they are not close to each other.

2. Don’t Be Aggressive

Even if you see a player walking alone. This does not mean that he is truly alone. It is more likely that his team is looting nearby. As long as you think you can take him down and then get away quickly, just stay steady and look around. Camping is actually the best strategy to use when paying Solo vs. Squad because you are always at a constant disadvantage.

3. Always Change your Position

The only way for you to fight multiple enemies at the same time is to be unpredictable by constantly advancing. If the enemy knows where you are staying, it will be plenty for you to corner with numbers and grenades. So always change your position after firing.

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4. Always Use Smokes and Grenades Before Fights

When fighting is always a hard choice, a smoke grenade is your way. Try to keep as many smoke grenades as possible because you are going to need them, especially in the last circle. Frag Grenade is also important because it can potentially hit you with a precise throw.

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5. Don’t Take Gunfights in Starting

When you’re playing Solo vs Squad, there’s no way you can jump into the hotspot and survive it. Instead, look at the flight path and choose a distant location to leave. The circle cannot land there and you may have to travel long distances. But you’ll at least keep the early game alive with a decent set of gear.

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