Is Pubg Mobile India is Coming in 2 Month’s ? Here’s Know

PUBG mobile fans may eventually be able to take easy rest in the near future. Recent weeks have given rise to growing doubts about the fate of PUBG Mobile India. In which a new game named ‘PUBG: New State’ is front and center. While most PUBG mobile fans learn about the news that some of them suspect that PUBG Mobile is going to replace the new state in India. PUBG is a Battle Royale title announced by Krafton for the new state of February 2021 for Android and iOS. While PUBG is in its name. It is not PUBG 2, but rather like a new standalone game.

The game will have the core elements of a classic Battle Royal game such as 100 players and 8×8 maps. The PUBG new state was set in 2051 in a futuristic world that was placed on a map called Troi. The game will feature new advanced perks, weapons and features while maintaining the core gameplay of PUBG Mobile. It is expected that the new state of PUBG will be enabled for those things which PUBG Mobile has not been able to achieve.

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However, these concerns can be relieved. In which some influential and content producers are spreading their internal news about PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India

Everyone probably knows that the Indian government banned it in September last year along with some other apps in China due to border conflicts. The game’s server in the country shut down after 2 months. Since then, PUBG Mobile has transferred her data from the Chinese company Tencent to the original developer company. They are constantly trying to bring the game back to the market.

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PUBG Mobile India Latest News Update

To get the game back, the developers have created a new, separate version of PUBG Mobile for India only. There have been various leaks for possible release dates in December last year and March this year. But nothing has happened yet.

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After months of waiting there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of PUBG Mobile. Recently, popular Indian YouTuber / PUBG content producer GodNixon Gaming recently released a video. In which it is claimed that PUBG Mobile India was finally greening for re-release by the Government of India.

Former PUBG Mobile player and dreamer TSM component ‘Abhijeet Andhare’ also published a cryptic tweet, which would signal ‘good news for Indian PUBG Mobile fans’ coming in the next 2 months. However, the man asked fans not to inquire about a solid release date, as details about the release are still very scary.

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