Jonathan Biography : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements of Jonathan Gaming

Jonathan is a famous Indian pubg mobile player. His real name is Jonathan. He lives in India. Around, he is about 20 years old. He gained fame due to the pubg mobile game. Jonathan is a very well-known competitive pubg mobile player. He participated in high level pubg mobile tournaments like PMCO, Star Challenge and more. Jonathan and Team Entity also won the PUBG Mobile Indian Series in 2020. PUBG Mobile India Series organized by official pubg and Vivo in India. Jonathan played Pubg Mobile on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Jonathan plays Pubg Mobile using 2 fingers with Gyro Always On. People call him the top recoil control player. Jonathan’s clan is named Entity Gaming. He is the co-leader of Entity Clan. And yet he is not in any of the crew. Jonathan’s YouTube channel is named Jonathan Gaming. He has approximately 2.1 million followers on Youtube and 123 million views overall. He makes his Youtube channel debut on 25 February 2018. Jonathan’s modern well-known ideology is around 4 million.

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Jonathan Career Turning Point

Jonathan’s gaming career began in 2018 at Team SKUL. He had surprised all the competing players with his crazy game and he started making headlines after participating in different scrimms. Ghatak, who is currently managing the team entity, identified Jonathan’s talent and invited him to join the entity. His gaming career never came down after joining Entity. Currently he is regarded as the best pub mobile player in India.

Jonathan Biography : Jonathan Monthly Salary and Personal Information

Jonathan is from a middle-class family and lived in Mumbai with his parents. He spent his school life from home. From the beginning he used to play video games on his father’s PC. Originally, he grew up under the guidance of full parents with a quality life with his parents. He may be short of age but he is very creative despite being 17 years old. He is very calm and calm, never creates any controversy with others.

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Jonathan’s major source of income is YouTube revenue. Johnny has over 2.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. While he averages a live streaming of 30k, which he watches. Apart from this, they also get money from YouTube through Google Pay / Paytm donations, superchats, membership and sponsorship. In addition, he is currently playing for the TSM Entity eSports organization. He is getting huge salary from there as he is one of the best PUBG mobile players in India.

Monthly Income: Approx 2-3 lakhs

Annual Income: Approx 40 lakhs

Achivements of Jonathan

In a very short span of a gaming career, Jonathan & Company has already become one of the best pubg mobile teams in India with some major trophies. These are the major achievements of Jonathan:

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  •  PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring Split 2020: South Asia League – Rank 2nd
  • Gamers Without Borders 2020 : Asia – Rank 2nd
  • PUBG Mobile All Stars India : Rank – 4th
  • PUBG Mobile Fall Split – Club Open 2020 Finals – Rank 5th 
  • PUBG Mobile Fall Split – South Asia – Rank 1st 
  • Pubg Mobile India Series 2020 – Rank 1st 

Jonathan Previous Teams

  • Team Skull

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