Maxtern Biography : Here’s Know Earning and Struggle of Maxtern

Maxern is an Indian professional PUBG player and streamer. His real name is Sagar Thakur but many people are confused about his real name. He has overcome this confusion in one of his interviews. Maxtern real name is Sagar Thakur. But in the Aadhaar card he is misspelled as Sonu Sagar. He also loves to entertain his fans at Tiktok. He trusts TikTok to create unique content. His YouTube channel is growing very fast and all his videos are well received by the viewers. He started his career as a mini-militia player, like Soul Mortal, but found his career in PUBG Mobile.

When he was at his young age, he used to play a lot of games like Contra, Super Mario, GTA series COD etc. In the year 2016, a friend of his recommended him to play mini militia, which he liked very much and became a pro in it. this. He then decided to join the YouTube channel with mini-militia content. He used his Moto E2 device to play mini-militia. He then started Pubg Mobile and became one of the best players in it.

Personal information of Maxtern

Maxtern was born on 23 November 2000 in Saharsa, Bihar, India. But since 2001, he has been living in Delhi. Maxtern completed his high school education at Government Boys Senior Secondary School in Badli. During his school days, he was passionate about science quizzes and general knowledge.

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The fact about him is that he is also very good in his studies. He did his schooling in Delhi with a science stream. He loved taking part in quiz battles of science and mathematics during his school days. Maxtern has also given the JEE MAINS exam. But has not qualified with a higher rank. Apart from e-gaming and studies, he also enjoys playing cricket and football.

Maxtern Career Turning Point

Once his friend asked him to play mini militia. Then in 2016, he created his first channel called “Gamer Militians”. He got just 25 subscribers after uploading 15 videos in a month. So they removed the channel because the mini militia was not so popular at that time, they got 1000 subscribers on this channel in 7 months. He did a clickbait, Cariminity vs. Maxten, but Cariminati was not in the video. Due to which YouTube terminated their channel.

Even after this, maxtern did not give up. He re-created the channel called “Gamer Militians”. This time he was helped by KingAnbrue which led to 500 of his customers. He clickbait again on Gamer Militian. Due to which, his channel ended once more. He tried to create a news channel like Neon Man under the name “Trinox Official”, but later he is not interested in making videos. So they removed that channel.

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After the 3 channels were removed or ended, they created the channel “Maxten”, where Mortell changed the name of Morton to help record 2-3 months of game play, as Maxten’s phone was snatched. He later got a new device from some Youtube earnings and bought an iPad. He initially created scripted pub mobile trolling games with scripted Hindi commentary, and it works. Now he has 1 million subscribers.

Earning Of Maxtern

Maxtern has over 1 million subscriber on YouTube. His earning base is only his YouTube channel. By uploading videos and streaming, they earn about 50,000 thousand to 1 lakhs per month.

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Monthly income – 50,000 to 1 lakh Rs 

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