OR Mavi : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements of OR MAVI

PUBG has become a favorite game of mobile game lovers and even many players have become professionals in PUBG. Everyone wants to know how they play like a pro, what device they use, how much they earned from PUBG on their life. In this article, we will get some information about Or Mavi, a professional player. Mavi is a very famous PUBG player who currently plays for Team OR (Orange Rock). He has also played for Team India Tigers on 01/05/19 on 08/08/19. On 08/08/19 he joined the team of Orange Rock. His real name is Harmandeep Singh. Mavi was ranked first in NIMO TV Battleground 2020, second rank in PMCO Spring Split 2020 (India), third rank in Super Heroes Battle India, third rank in PMCO Spring Split 2019 and many other Pubg Mobile official or un official tournaments played.

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OR Mavi Personal Information

He hails from Punjab, growing up in a moderate family. Originally Mavi is very interested in choosing different clothes. They have invested a lot of money in clothes and fashion. Once he bought a pair of clothes valued at 25,000 and it became memorable for him. Because his friends started making fun of it. But overall Mavi has a good lifestyle. Mavi parents are always supporting him. He has great communication skills with his teammates and other people’s. After this he has as well as good leadership quality.

Mavi life Turning Point

Mavi started playing PUBG Mobile for fun while playing her other friends. Gradually he was getting some ideas about the game and after taking the class 12 exams, he started giving a lot of time to PUBG Mobile. He developed some fine skills and thought of joining competitive tournaments with Prince so he created a line called Indian Tiger (IT) along with Carry, Prince and Syam.

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Mavi also played the Pubg Mobile World League 2021. In which his team finished second. Mavi’s team also included Scout, Anto, Gill and Daljeet.

Or Mavi Income

Or Mavi’s main source of income is YouTube. But he started his YouTube career very late, despite that he currently has more than 700k subscribers on his YouTube channel and it is growing very fast. He is earning from YouTube. Apart from this, he is also earning from Superchatus, Google Pay / Paytm Donation, Sponsor and Membership.

Not only that, it is sponsored by Orange Rocks eSports. From there he is getting a good amount of salary as he is a major player of the organization. Mavi is considered to be India’s highest-paid eSports player. He get salary from Orange Esports is around 1.5 lakhs per month in Indian currency. Mavi has another way of earning. He is participating in different tournaments as Orange Rocks eSports has a good line-up. So that they are consistently doing well and earning a good prize pool. Their monthly income is around 2-3 lakhs and the annual income is around 30 lakhs.

Monthly Income – 3 to 4 lakhs

Annually income – Around 40 lakhs

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Achivements of OR Mavi

He got a lot of achievements in serval times. This is possible only because of his hardwork and dedication. Currently he is one of the best players of India. Here are the achivement list of Mavi.

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: India 
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals 
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split South Asia Group Stage 
  • PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 
  • PUBG Mobile All Stars India 2019
  • Pubg Mobile World League 2021 

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