PUBG Mobile Team Focusing on Re-Launching in India

It has been nearly six months since PUBG Mobile was banned in India, and the future of the game is still uncertain. Crafton previously announced that the game was making a comeback in the country. If reports are to be believed then the government is quite strict in its stand. The game is unlikely to be banned anytime soon.

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There is a more confusion about the return of PUBG Mobile in India. In a recent statement to a South Korean newspaper, Krafton CEO Chang Byung-gyu said something similar. For which Krafton had to issue a cleanup. It seems from Chang’s statement about PUBG Mobile’s comeback that he definitely wants PUBG Mobile India to be launched soon.


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But he feels trapped in the ongoing conflict between India and China and considers the Indian government responsible for the game ban. However, After Sometime Krafton  clarified to Indian publications that the statement was being misunderstood.

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Indeed, in a statement to the South Korean newspaper Seoul Economic Daily, Krafton CEO Chang Byung-gyu said that “I sincerely wish the game to be relaunched as soon as possible. But Krafton’s said this is not our problem, this is India’s problem. After This, Krafton went on to explain to some other Indian publications, including AFKGaming. That a representative of Krafton Waiting, It clear that his real statement was we consider and decide the Government of India on our next plan for PUBG in India.

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Recently, Krafton head and corporate development, Sean Hyunil Sohn, said at the India Gaming Conference 2021 that Akshat Rathee, co-founder and managing director of NODWIN Gaming, said “I am nothing at the moment Can tell. Because we do not know yet. But I can tell you that we Indian market is important to us and we care about it. This is also one of the reasons why I know you and many other friends in the Indian gaming industry. So of course, we will work hard to complete it (possibly return). ”

When asked by AFKGaming who the statement was for PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC or PUBG: New State, Krafton stated that the company is currently working on a new app. Which is designed specifically for India. That means company is currently focusing on PUBG Mobile India.

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Let us tell that PUBG Mobile India was announced in November 2020 after PUBG Mobile Ban in India. Since then, the company has more trying to launch the game in India. Krafton has also decided to invest $ 100 million in India. Which means Krafton finally decided to Rs 730 crore invest in India, to promote the local video game, eSports, entertainment and IT industry.

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