Pubg Mobile Top 7 New Myths by Vipax ? Confirm or Busted

PUBG mobile players consistently share many myths. Some of them are true, some others are not true. Let us expose or confirm these new myths in April 2021. These myths have also been uploaded to our Vipax brother’s YouTube channel. So if you do not understand anything in our post, then definitely go to their YouTube channel and check it out. If you know any myth and want to share then comment down. We will pick your myths and make next article on your myth.

1. Aim Assist works better effectively in Tdm Mode ? Confirm or Busted

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In TDM mode objective aim Assist does not work as effectively. As much as it does in classic mode. Comparing the Aim assist effect in the two modes, you will see that it works the same in these two game modes. That why this myth has been busted.

2. Single Gas Can Exlpoide multiple Gas Cans ? Confirm or Busted

If you shore up some gas cans. So when one of them bursts, all of them burst. This myth is exposed. Because you can’t explode by bursting one of them. Explosions cannot explode in other compartments. So this myth was busted.

3. You are not kill in underwater ? Confirm or Busted

It is said that in this game bullets cannot go through water. This PUBG mobile myth has been confirmed as you will not be killed while underwater. It protects players when they swim to cross the river. But make sure you keep the whole body under water or enemies can still kill you.

4. Graffiti Myth

Your graffiti will be retained in the match at Spawn Island. Many PUBG mobile players use graffiti marks on Spawn Island. If you return to that place during the match. You will see that sign anyway. Therefore, the graffiti myth is corroborated.

5. Music Barrier Myth

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The music barrier has been introduced in a hundred rhythm mode. This shield can reduce 50% of the damage you get from enemy shots. Again, many players said that you can reduce 100% damage by activating 2 Shields simultaneously. However, this myth has been busted. You can only reduce damage by 50%, no matter how many areas you are active in.

6. Multiple Molotov can you give more damage ? Confirm or Busted

Many players feel that two simultaneous Molotovs can suffer double losses. After some trials, this myth was busted. You can only deal with 70 damage no matter how many Moloto’s are thrown at once. Therefore, you should throw a second molotov after the first one to increase the damage.

7. Shoot under water Myth ? Confirm or Busted

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One amazing thing about PUBG Mobile is that you can shoot underwater. However, this does not work when you are swimming. Because you cannot keep a weapon while swimming. You need to drive the car for water and change your seat to any passenger seat. Then, you can target and shoot any enemy but they cannot shoot you. This is a new trick in this game.

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