These 3 Features To Look Out For In Upcoming PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile is finally coming back to India after almost a year. The famous Battle Royal game was banned by the country as well as 118 other companies. This was a major setback for the entire Indian PUBG mobile community. But on November 12, 2020, PUBG Corp. Announced the return of their hit title. Needless to say, fans of PUBG Mobile in India have been eagerly awaited. However, this comeback will not be just the same old game as we previously knew. Instead, it is a completely new version of PUBG Mobile in India which has three very interesting features.

The primary concern is the ownership of Chinese giant Tencent and its alleged data transfer to servers in Mainland China. However, recently, game developer, PUBG Corporation has joined hands with Microsoft Azure to host game sessions. In doing so, PUBG Corporation can address the concern raised by the government.

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In addition to this, PUBG Corp also posted a job opening for Investment and Strategy Analyst on LinkedIn and this could be a positive sign of things to normalize. This person will be the head of mergers and acquisitions and this soon marks the relaunch of PUBG Mobile in India.

1. Data and Server Security

The primary reason for PUBG Mobile to be banned from India was concerns about data security and privacy issues. And of course. This will change to PUBG Mobile India. Sports officials announced that they had focused significantly on protecting the data security and privacy of the players. Therefore, in PUBG Mobile India, players will have a completely different experience. You can expect faster load times. Definitely, better ping. Slow ping and unstable connections to the server will certainly be improved.

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2. Dynamic Changes ingame

The second biggest feature in this version of PUBG Mobile will be the changes in in-game dynamics. Being an India-specific version, PUBG Mobile India will dive deep into the country’s culture, laying the groundwork for new organizations and events. In addition, the old bloody red hit damage effect will be replaced. This is one of the steps to reduce the violence element in the game. On top of that, this version introduces a new feature called the play-time limit. As the name suggests, this will limit the playtime of PUBG mobile gamers to maintain their mental health.

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3. Esports Carrer in India

PUBG Mobile India will also focus on promoting domestic tournaments for players in the country. The game has a huge interest in building Indian eSports and inspires more players to make a career with PUBG Mobile.

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