These 5 Countries Also Banned PUBG Mobile Battle Royale Game

PUBG Mobile was banned in India under Section 69A of the Information Technology (IT) Act in September last year. Along with the Battle Royale game, the Indian government banned hundreds of other Chinese apps, including TikTok, Camscanner. Since the ban, the Battle Royal game has been unavailable in the country. In fact, it is derived from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, Krafton is working hard to release an Indian version of PUBG Mobile dubbed Pubg Mobile India.

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The company has previously confirmed that the PUBG Mobile India mobile game will be custom-made exclusively for Indian gamers. The company has also disclosed taking the security and privacy of Indian users very seriously and hosting their data within the country. There is a lot surrounding the return of PUBG Mobile in India. Some reports suggest that Krafton is in constant dialogue with the Indian government to bring the fighting royale game back to the country very soon. The game’s release date has not yet been revealed.

Amidst rumors about PUBG Mobile’s comeback in India, let’s take a look at 5 countries other than India that ban PUBG or the mobile version of the game. In particular, some countries later lifted the ban.

1. China

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China is the first name in the list.  Looking at China in the list, it is surprising that Tencent Games is a Chinese entity.  The sport was banned in the country mainly because the sport involves an amount of bloodshed.  In particular, the game was replaced by a different version called Game for Peace to meet the rules of the country.  In Game for Peace, the blood is shown in green and the shooters lie in a goodbye to the wave of blood and fly away.

2. Afghanistan

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Afghanistan (ATRA) also suspended the PUBG game in the country. The authority reportedly consulted the Hajj and Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Telecommunications and Science, psychologists, parents, school headmasters, cyber security experts and other relevant sources to discuss the game of war in the country. Before being suspended. Pakistan also banned the sport but the ban was later lifted after several petitions were filed.

3. Nepal

PUBG was also banned in Nepal. The fighting game was suspended following a verdict by a Kathmandu district court on a PIL by the Metropolitan Crime Division. The Public Interest Litigation states that the battle royale game had an adverse effect on children. After several petitions were filed in the Supreme Court of Nepal, the game returned to the country.

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4. Iran

PUBG was banned in Iran in 2019 along with other games such as Fortnite, Blue Whale and other online video games. The reason behind the ban was that social and psychological issues arise from these sports to the public. The authority said that such games are harmful to society and a potential national security threat.

5. Jordan

The fighting game was banned in Jordan in July 2019. Jordan’s government cited the reason behind the ban as negative effects of PUBG on the citizens of the state. Indonesia also banned similar games.

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