These Features are Confirmed to Come in PUBG: New State

Battle Royal game PUBG played around the world is quite popular. PUBG Mobile is made developed by South Korean gaming company Bluehole and Chinese company Tencent. The game is based on the Japanese film Battle Royale. In which students are pushed into battle. The popularity of PUBG can be gauged from the fact that this game is different platforms such as mobile, computer, gaming console.

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But ever since Pubg has been banned in India. Krafton and Indian gamers have also been upset with this. Since then when it will return to India. Krafton has also decided to replace Pubg Mobile. If Pubg Not launch in India. Krafton’s replacement for PUBG Mobile in PUBG New State, India, is almost here. The pre-register stage is scheduled to go live on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store very soon. In this article, we will list everything available about the New State.

1. New Map

Similar to the original PUBG, the new state is going to have only a single map when it is released. The new map, Troi, is similar to the great Erangel of nature, with 100 players landing on an 8×8 km battlefield. Where they fight each other until only one is standing.

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2. New vehicle and Guns

The PUBG New State is based in future of the year 2051. Too many futuristic items will be offered in-game. Which will also have a new class of vehicles. Drones, shields, turrets, and even explosives take the headlines in the game with the usual shooter experience.

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All general mechanics such as blue sphere, drop crate, flare gun will remain the same. With a brand new coat of paint. The weapon rosters of both games are going to be huge. The PUBG: New State is going to get a completely different roster from PUBG Mobile Global. They are likely to be simply future versions of the present. There will still be SMG, AR, shotguns, snipers, etc. The new weapon customization feature will significantly change how the gun works. It can also add new functions such as grenade thrower.

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3. Realistic and Advanced Graphics

According to the developers, the game would exceed the limits of mobile graphics. This call of duty will look better or equal to mobile. The minimum requirements for running the game will be somewhat higher than normal. You may need Android 6 or above to work.

Here’s Know How to Pre-Register in PUBG: New State

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Players simply need to go to the game’s main page on the Google Play Store and select the big green “pre-register” button. There is also an option to automatically install the game when it is also available for download. ¬†

Pre-registration Link 

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