These Major Changes Make KR Version PUBG Different from Global Version PUBG

PUBG is one of the most successful game in the mobile esports community. This is a major contributor to grow the Esports culture in worldwide. However, many countries have banned PUBG mobile due to policy violation. The parent company decided to work on the issue by creating regional versions of the main game. Therefore, many players now engage with localized versions of the global game.

Local versions of the game are being played in Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and other places. But Korean version is one of the most popular version in worldwide. However the gameplay mechanics, visuals, and comprehensive structure remain the same. But small differences make the Kr version different from the original version.

These are the major difference between Pubg Mobile Global vs Pubg Mobile Kr

1. Donakatsu Medal

Players can redeem the Crate Prize and exclusive in-game items in the Crate Edition via the Donakatsu Medal instead of spending UC. But in our global version we can’t get thes donakatsu Medals. However, these medals are not easy to obtain and are quite rare. As such medals are not available to redeem boxes globally. Therefore players have to buy mostly UC to open premium and classic boxes. These UC are to be purchased at real money price.

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2. Event Box and Exclusive Crates

The localized version of the title hosts several specific events. Kr also offers a special crate range that is exclusive to this version. For example, the current version provides “doll crate”. Many type of events comes in kr version, According this special crates come. Special crate for the crate version. The global version does not offer any special crate or prizes. Hosts some common events for all PUBG mobile variants. In global version you see a limited number of crates (Soldier Crates, Premium Crates, Classic Crates).

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3. Login Rewards

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Kr offer log-in prizes to players to sign into the game for the first time in a day. Log-in rewards are usually 7-day prizes and crate offers coupon scraps and BP. However, Kr offers a special Donakatsu medal. Which can be used to cash in on many exciting crate prizes. There is no Donkatsu medal in the global version and only offers BP and silver coins as a sign-in award.

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