Top 5 Best Assault Rifle Guns in Free Fire

Free Fire has a wide variety of weapons that players can use on the battlefield on different maps. In Free Fire, players mostly look for the guns that have the most damage, in order to take down enemies quickly. Assault rifles are probably the most choice class of weapons in Free Fire and any other Battle Royal Games. Whereas other classes are designed only for certain purposes and categories. You can get away with most situations with AR. They do good damage, provide relatively easy control and operate over medium distances. These are the Top 5 best Assault Rifles in Free Fire with the highest damage.

1. Groza

Free Fire has two assault rifles that have the same damage rate. The GROZA and the AK. Since the GROZA has good range and less recall than the AK. That’s why we put it at number one. The latter has high recoil, but the damage rate makes up for this damage.

2. AK

The famous AK certainly deserves its place among the most powerful assault rifles in Free Fire. This weapon has proven itself to be super powerful, reliable, capable of dealing heavy damage to the enemies. However, players will need to practice to really master AK. It has high repeatability, which can be a challenge for newbies to control.

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But if you are just a casual player or you just started playing Free Fire. So you really should stay away from it if you want to win. The AK deals heavy damage per shot of 62. Which is more than any other assault rifles. The AK’s rate of fire is not very high, only 55. Its effective range is 73. Which is more than other assault rifles. As long as you have a large scope.

3. M14

By far, the M14 is the best assault rifle Free Fire has to offer. It has the highest damage stats and range compared to other assault rifles in the game. The only disadvantage of this gun is its magazine capacity. That’s why we are placing it at number three. This is a very favorite gun of Free Fire players.

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PARAFAL, This was the on of the underrated weapon of Free Fire. In fact, it can deliver the largest damage output in the assault rifle category. The maneuverability and rate of fire are also good. Players can combine this with a powerful scope and silencer to get the best results. That’s why we’re putting it at number four.

5. AN94

Like the PARAFAL, the AN94 Free Fire has an underrated assault rifle. It is a highly mobile weapon that allows fast movement. The AN94 is perfect for high-speed, intense close-range fights. The gun’s damage, rate of fire and range are also commendable.

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