Top 5 Best Survival Mobile games in 2021

As we all know Free Fire, BGMi is a survival battle royal game. So if you are a player who is one of the survival games lovers. Then you will love these games for your smartphone. Today I have come up with top 5 games which are very similar to Free Fire and BGMI games. There are also some really great games on this list that have their own unique identity.

1. Free Fire

After the departure of PUBG Mobile, Garena’s Battle Royale has no match left. This is probably the biggest reason behind the top of the game on both storefronts. The reason Indian players have adopted Free Fire is probably because of its relatively low graphical requirements.

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Which is important in India. Free Fire’s gameplay is also faster than that of PUBG Mobile, with only 50 players per match instead of 100. Garena Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game in 2020 and Now this is the top survival mobile game in 2021.

2. Call Of Duty – Mobile

It is a mobile game based on Call of Duty, one of the biggest shooter franchises in the world. Due to its prior experiences designing shooters, it took no time at all for Call of Duty Mobile to make its way into the “Top Battle Royale” list. There is no reason why COD Mobile is excluded from Top Mobile Games 2021. Both India and the world exploded upon the game’s release and its player base has remained fairly stable ever since. Battle royale mode is not the highlight of this game. However, there is a lot of focus on the general game modes.

3. Fortnite

Fortnite is a famous game on all the top gaming platforms. The mobile version of Fortnite is also great for playing battle royale games. But there are very few phones to play this game. A lot of players hate this aspect of the game as well. The mechanics of this game are slightly different from the Free Fire game. You can expect more from this game. The interesting thing about this game is that it is not available to download on play store.

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You can download this game apk from other stores or from its official websites. But this game is demanding a lot of specifications. So if you’ve got any low-spec smartphone better than playing other games. Large size is its disadvantage in the distance.

4. Pixel’s Unknown Battleground

Pixel’s Unknown BattlegroundĀ is a very exciting battle royale game. This game is a small size game which is perfect for low spec smartphone users. Not only this, the matches on this game are also very short for about 5 to 10 minutes.

The mechanics of the game are similar to the Free Fire game as you drop, find items, kill, survive and win the game. The game offers several weapons to choose from and even has game drops to loot. The graphics may be a cartoon style but its good is no less.

For anyone who has a low specs smartphone with 1GB RAM or less RAM, you can choose to play this game. The players are few in the game but the matches are quick and interesting to play.

5. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is a great high spec demanding battle royale game similar to Free Fire. The game includes different maps, different modes, and more which is a lot of fun. There is a huge user base who keep playing this game continuously. But I think it is a game similar to Free Fire in graphics and can be considered as big Free Fire game.

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This game is one of the earliest Battle royal games for Android smartphones. The graphics of this game are very good. Overall the game is very smooth. It has good servers to deliver good in-game pings. The overall weapon system is a little different, so you get used to it. But be careful, this game is not for smartphones with low specs like Free Fire. The game is smooth for a high- and mid-spec smartphone to play. It has more than 1 GB size to download and minimum 3 GB RAM is required to play.

Source – Google

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