Top 5 Richest Free Fire Pro Player’s in India

As we know that Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Free Fire game was released in 2017 by Garena Studios team for Android and iOS. Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in India in September 2020. At the current time Free Fire has become the biggest esports industry in India. The Free Fire esports scene is large and diverse.

In which there are many strong teams and big tournaments throughout the year. Pro players who win these tournaments can receive prizes worth thousands of dollars.

1. Arthava Chauhan – Golden

Atharva Chavan aka Golden, Golden is a professional Free Fire player who currently plays for Galaxy Racer Esports. He played for Team Total Gaming in the 2020 season of Free Fire Esports. He won the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall and finished third in the Free Fire Asia All-Stars. After that, he left the team and joined Galaxy Racer Esports on January 11, 2021.

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Golden was won the many Achivements but in Free Fire However, the team could not come due to COVID-19 but they still received a prize of $60,000 for making it. Golden Free Fire is the richest pro player in India.

2. Vatsal Garasia – VasioCRJ

Vatsal Garasia aka VasioCRJ was named Fragar of the Year in 2020 by the Free Fire India Esports Awards 2020. He is one of the oldest and best Free Fire Pro players in India. Just like Golden, he was at Total Gaming in the 2020 season of Free Fire Esports. VasioCRJ and Golden then left the team to form their own. Which is Galaxy Racer Esports to achieve high achievements.

The amount of money VasioCRJ makes from tournaments is the same as the golden ones they are playing. Same team from the beginning. Along with Golden, VasioCRJ is Free Fire’s richest pro player in India. He earned a total of around Rs 30 lakh from the tournament.

3. Jaiaditya Berry – BarcaBoi

Jayaditya Berry is the attacker of Team Galaxy Racer Esports. He played before several teams like Team Chaos, Stalwart Esports, XTZ Esports. But didn’t achieve anything big other than a 3rd place in the Free Fire India Championships 2020 Fall. Till now he has playing Free Fire for 2.5 years. His goal is to win the next Free Fire World Series. BarcaBoi made an estimated Rs 21.6 lakh from the tournament.

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4. Aman kanuga – Aman

Aman Kanuga is a youngest Free Fire player in India. Who is also part of Team Galaxy Racer Esports. He used to play in smaller teams like Incregers, Lawless Boys, Stalwart Esports. He was recruited into Team Galaxy Racer Esports in 2021 by VasioCRJ and Golden and scored some big points in the first season of Free Fire Esports 2021. Aman plays the role of sniper in the team. Aman earned around Rs 20.5 lakh from the tournament.

5. JaiBharat Kondiram Chimule – MaryX

Prior to playing for Jaibharat Kondiram Chimule Galaxy Racer Esports, he finished third in Free Fire War Mania Season 1. As a part of the first team to make it to the Free Fire World Series, MaryX is one of the highest-paid Free Fire Pro players in India. Mariex plays the role of sniper in the team. He earned around Rs 20.5 lakh from the tournament.

Note – These are the estimated net worth of tournament winnings only. Do not include other sources of income such as sponsorships, salaries and YouTube. Also as more Free Fire tournaments approach, the placement of this list may change.

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