Top 5 Strongest Free Fire Characters of This Month

Free Fire characters have unique abilities that assist players in matches. And these skills are divided into two types: passive and active. Meanwhile, characters that have active abilities are believed to have more power than passive ones. Only eight of the 37 characters in the game have active skills. However, they are all roughly and equally qualified. This month check out the strongest Free Fire characters with passive abilities to try out for the game.

1. Shirou

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Free fire in this character is one of the top features. Which is called Damage Deliver. When you kill them, their passive skills mark opponents within 80 seconds of your range within 6 seconds. In fact, the only one who can see this marking is the gamer. 50% more armor penetration stops from the very first shot at the enemy. However, this ability owns a 35-second colddown.

2. Jota

Sustained Rides has the name of the main level of passive skills available to Jota. This immediately restores 25 HP for shotgun kills or SMGs. Its colddown time is five seconds. At its highest level, the Zeta can reclaim 40 hp with each SMG kill or shotgun. Their ability improves greatly when you maximize them with character level cards.

3. Moco

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Moco is also one of the strongest free fire characters with passive abilities. He owned the most of the usual passive skills in the game, until Shiro was released. Its name is Hacker Eyes. At the first level, it tags opponents for 2 seconds and teammates are briefed. The tag length increases to five seconds as gamers level the character with a piece of the character.

4. Hayato

One of the strongest passive free fire characters is Hayato. Hayato is more suitable for short and intense game matches and modes. Therefore, he is quite famous and mainly wants to fight in Clash Squad. He has passive skill Bushido. Your opponent’s armor penetration increases by 7.5% for every 10 percent decrease in your maximum HP at character level 1. When Hayato is at the top 6 level. So the player’s armor penetration will increase by 10 percent for every decrease in full HP.

5. Jai

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Jai gives last but not least names in Free Fire characters with passive abilities. This is a great character that suits most of the Free Fire’s Clash Squad modes. On the other hand, Jai is also helpful during intense battles in rank and classic mode matches. He has a skill called Ragging Reload. Post killing the enemy, he can get a gun magazine up to 30% instantly. But the disadvantage is that the ability to reload is limited to weapons in the pistol, AR, SG and SMG classes. The amount of reloading the entire magazine will increase to 45 percent at its highest.

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