TSM Z God Biography : Here’s Know Earning and Achivements of TSM Z God

Every PUBG Mobile Player has dream to become a professional player. They work very hard to become a pro. In this article, we will read about such player of PUBG Mobile. The unit ZGod, he is a very aggressive pro PUBG mobile player. Which plays for the TSM unit. His real name is Abhishek Chaudhary. Z God is a 17 year old boy. This Player have one of best achivements that is he became a pro Pubg player at this early age. He has the ability to compete with big professional international players PUBG players such as BTR Luxxy, BTR zuxxy, and Mith. In this post, We know about TSM Z God biography.

Later he used to play with another PUBG Id ie TSMentZGod, but now he plays with a new Id ie EntityZGOD. He played with the old ID for 11 seasons, after which he started a new I’d. He playing in iPhone 11 Pro Max. He is playing 4 fingers. ZGod had played for the Zero Degree clan in his past but has now joined the TSM unit.

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Personal Information of Z God

Abhishek Chaudhary is a competitive PUBG mobile player better known as ZGod. ZGod lives in Jaipur. ZGod’s real name is Abhishek Chaudhary, who plays an assisting role in his team TSM-Entity. Abhishek has also a YouTube channel with over 400k subscribers. Let’s be stunned by his income and net worth. Abhishek has seen many ups and downs in his career. He went out of Jaipur to play the Mumbai tournament and made his mark in Pub Mobile. ZGod aka Abhishek Chaudhary has over 2 lakh followers on Instagram.

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Income of TSM Z God

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ZGod earns money through many options. He get salary from TSM Esports. Z God Started some time ago his own YouTube channel. He has more than 400K subscribers. Monthly he easily earns more than 1 lakh rupees. ZGod also organizes a number of pubg events, due to which it earns thousands of rupees. TSM – Entity player is given a salary of more than 50 thousand from the unit and many tournaments are also given. Through Superchat, Google Pay, Paytm, Ajay easily earns 20 to 30 thousand rupees in a month.

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Achivements of Z God

  • PMCO Fall Split 2019
  • 5th in PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019
  • 4th in PUBG Mobile All-Star
  • 2nd in PMPL South Asia Season-1

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