Which is the Best Sniper Rifles In PUBG Mobile? Here’s Know

PUBG mobile has a best battle royale game in the world. In this game we know many categories of gun. But today In this article we are talk about the long range weapons. Including a bolt-action sniper and a designated Marsman rifle (DMR). In DMRs gun category we get semi-snipers or automatic sniper rifles. Because these long-range weapons are used in long-range fighting.  Both have a long effective range to deal with long-range fighting. In addition, PUBG Mobile’s developer team also continuously introduces new guns from those weapon categories.

This is the most traditional long-range weapon category in the game. You can only have one shot per shot. Therefore, players have to load bullets between two shots. This shooting game has four bolt-action rifles.  Let’s know about the top 10 sniper rifles of Pubg Mobile.

1. Bolt Action Sniper Rifles List

  • AWM: The AWM is the rarest SR in this weapon category based only in airdrops. While Kar98k and M24 both use 7.62mm ammo. This SR uses a unique ammo. The 300 rounds the 132 with super high damage. The ammo of the AWM is also built in airdrop only. You can only loot 10 AWM bullets in an airdrop. The AWM also supports an extended magazine to expand ammo capacity from 5 to 7.

  • M24: The M24 is one of the most powerful sniper rifles with a base damage of 82 in this shooting game. Its effective range is 100–800m. Within this range of battle, you can shake the head and drop an enemy wearing a level-2 helmet. In addition, you can increase the magazine size from 5 to 7 slots.

  • Kar98k: Karabiner 98 Kurz or Kar98k is the most famous SR in real life. The Royal Game has an effective range of 100–600 meters in this battle. It has a magazine capacity of 5 which is very limited. In addition, this SR has a base damage of 72. With which you can kill enemies with a level-2 helmet with a headshot inside your range.

  • Win94: This is the lowest size sniper rifle in PUBG mobile. It uses .45 ACP ammo which is quite weak. PUBG mobile players rarely use this SR in long-range combat because you cannot add long-range scope to this gun.

2. DMR’S and Semi Sniper Rifle List

  • SKS: This automatic SR uses 7.62mm ammo. It has a long effective range of 100–800 meters. Its mag size can be increased from 10 to 20 with an extended mag for SR or AR. You can select this SR on the MIRAMAR and ERANGEL map.

  • Mini14: It is one of the most preferred automatic SRs due to its largest major size and super high bullet speed of 990. Players can increase the Mini-14’s ammo capacity from 20 to 30 with an extended mag for AR or SR.

  • SLR : This guns used 7.62 ammo. This gun comes into the DMR’S section. This gun was so powerful.  It is the second strongest automatic SR in the game with high hit damage and damage per second (DPS).  These figures of this gun are only less than Mk14.

  • Mk14: This is the most powerful and rare automatic SR in PUBG mobile. You can only rob it in the airdrop. It has suffered the most in this weapon category. This 7.62 SR has a bullet bullet speed of 853 and a mind-blowing firing rate of 0.090s. In addition, the Mk14 is the only sniper rifle to have a full-auto firing mode for spraying bullets at players.

  • VSS: This guns prefer 9mm ammo. VSS comes into the automatic sniper rifle section. Many Good players pered this gun because of its advantages.  For example, the VSS has a pre-equipped silencer that helps limit the sound of gunshots. Therefore, the target cannot determine where he shoots.  Also, other enemies will not spot you.

  • QBU: The game developer introduced QBU as a replacement for the Mini-14 at Sanhok.  Therefore, its figures are similar to those of the Mini-14, such as base damage, DPS, and bullet speed.

Overall Conclusion

The VSS and Win 94 are the two lowest-sized SRs in the game. Whereas, the AWM is the only GOD-tier weapon in this category. It is also the only gun that guarantees a kill in one shot, even when the enemy wears a Level-3 helmet. In addition, it also has the longest effective range. Well, We are better know that AWM is the best sniper rifle in PUBG mobile.

Next, Mk14 is runner-up in this list. Because it has the highest damage per second due to high bullet speed with firing rate and hit damage. Apart from this, it is also the most versatile sniper rifle in this shooting game. All of which can deal with short, middle and long range battles.

PUBG Mobile has the third best sniper rifle M24. This bolt-action sniper also has the longest effective range which is 100–800 m. In addition, it also has a high base damage of 82 and a high bullet speed of 790. Therefore, you can kill an enemy with a headshot with a level-2 helmet. They are all PUBG mobiles and sniper rifles in their specialty. Stay updated on our website, to update the latest PUBG mobile news as well as more tips, tricks and reviews for gamers.

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