Month: <span>March 2021</span>

Is Pubg Mobile Korea Version Ban in India ?

PUBG Mobile KR PUBG is one of the many regional adaptations of PUBG. This version has been published by Krafton and is limited to Google Play and Apple App Stores in Korea and Japan. Players often consider it the best choice for the global version of the game due to the abundance of cosmetic items. […]Read More

Is Pubg Mobile India is Coming in 2 Month’s ?

PUBG mobile fans may eventually be able to take easy rest in the near future. Recent weeks have given rise to growing doubts about the fate of PUBG Mobile India. In which a new game named ‘PUBG: New State’ is front and center. While most PUBG mobile fans learn about the news that some of […]Read More

Using These Methods to Get Noob Lobby in Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular competitive battle royal games on mobile in the world. Ranking your tier and maintaining your high K / D ratio is quite difficult. When there are 99 other players. Who are trying to do the same thing. If your rank is high. So you will often encounter […]Read More

These mistakes will Ban your PUBG Account

PUBG is a most popular online shooting game where 100 players play on one map at a time. So in today’s post, we are going to know about PUBG tips and tricks. And who knows what to keep in mind while playing PUBG and which powers to never do. Players make many such mistakes while […]Read More

These Features are Confirmed to Come in PUBG: New State

Battle Royal game PUBG played around the world is quite popular. PUBG Mobile is made developed by South Korean gaming company Bluehole and Chinese company Tencent. The game is based on the Japanese film Battle Royale. In which students are pushed into battle. The popularity of PUBG can be gauged from the fact that this […]Read More

SICO Game : How to Download SICO Game

After the PUBG mobile ban in India, several other Battle Royal games have emerged as an option for Indian mobile gamers. Indian development and publishing studio Indic Arena has announced a new modern war mobile game. Which name is Special Insurgency Counter Operation (SICO). Which has all the elements of the classic Battle Royal game. […]Read More

These are the difference Between Pubg Mobile and PUBG: New

Battle Royal Fans are in a panic worldwide over the announcement of PUBG New State. On February 25, 2021, Crafton Inc. revealed the game on social media. PUBG is set to release New State Mobile in 2021. This game retains some of the main features of PUBG Mobile. But there are still many differences from […]Read More

DMR Vs Bolt-Action Sniper: Which Rifle Is Best In PUBG

The Marksman Rifle (DMR) and the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle are two main weapon ranges designed for long-range combat in PUBG Mobile.  But which one is better?  Just compare and choose the weapon more suitable for you. 1. Damage In general, bolt action rifles have more hit damage than DMRs. For example, compared to the two […]Read More

Which Non air drop sniper rifle is best in Pubg

PUBG Mobile is one of the best and famous Battle Royal games in the world. Who receives updates from time to time. The latest 1.3 update has been released in PUBG Mobile a day ago. In the Pubg Mobile we get new update. In this update Pubg introduce new bolt-action rifle Which name is Mosin […]Read More