IND Snax Biography : Here’s Know Earning , Career and

The real name of Snax Gaming is Raj Varma. He is a Professional Esports Player, Gamer, YouTuber. He hails from Hyderabad, he has more than 930K Subscribers on YouTube and more than 400K Followers on Instagram. Snax plays Esports for Team IND. They are all known for the mid-range gun power they do in their […]Read More

Top 5 Richest Free Fire Pro Player’s in India

As we know that Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Free Fire game was released in 2017 by Garena Studios team for Android and iOS. Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in India in September 2020. At the current time Free Fire has become the biggest esports […]Read More

Never Do These 5 Mistakes in Free Fire, During Rank

Free Fire is one of the most competitive mobile shooters game in the world. It has a ranking system where players can compete against it based on skill level. The higher their ranks, the better the opponents will face. In this article, we’ll demonstrate 5 mistakes players often make while moving up the ranks in […]Read More

How to Download Free Fire Max

Free Fire is a very famous game in youth and children. This game is develop by 111dots Studio. It is a battle royale game. You get to see animations just like PUBG, the same action has given. Just this game is much less than PUBG in size and can played easily even in small phones. […]Read More

Free Fire Guide : How to get more kills in

The ultimate goal in every battle royale game is to survive until the end of the match, in Free Fire, this is no different. However, it can be very difficult to survive in the last zone. Because the playing area is reduced to a very small area. Carrying out kills in the last arena requires […]Read More

Top 5 Lowest Recoil Guns in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Weapons are the most important factor in  Battlegrounds Mobile India. With BGMI being a mobile game, the weapon control is probably the hardest part. Because touchscreen controls are not as precise as a PC’s mouse and keyboard. Guns with low recoil are easier to control and therefore more powerful. In this article, we are going […]Read More

Netflix is planning to enter in Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is a fast growing industry where it is currently a trillion dollar industry. The gaming industry is not just about playing games, but also includes things like game development, publishing, and many more. Also, a part of gaming is esports where players play sports professionally. Participate in tournaments, events, leagues even franchise […]Read More

BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Livik

Livik is one of the smallest maps in PUBG Mobile India/BGMI, measuring only 2×2 square kilometres. It is generally considered to be a combination of Erangel and Vikendi. Both of which have some characteristics. Due to the small number of players (52) and the small map, each match at Livik is quite short. Games usually […]Read More

BGMI Map Guide : Top 6 Hot Drops in Miramar

PUBG Mobile is finally back in India under the name Battleground Mobile India. After months of waiting, We are finally able to get back to the familiar battlefields of PUBG. Miramar is one of the best maps. The PUBG Miramar map was the second map from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and was originally so unpopular fans looked […]Read More