BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Sanokh

PUBG Mobile is finally back in India under the name Battleground Mobile India. Sanhok is a small 4×4 tropical map. Which is surrounded by rough terrain, forest, grass, mountains, water. That means it’s good for close-range combat and nonstop action. In this article, we are going to list down the top 5 hot spots to […]Read More

BGMI Map Guide : Top 5 Hot Drops in Vikendi

PUBG Mobile is finally back in India under the name Battleground Mobile India. After months of waiting, we are finally back in the familiar battlefields of PUBG. We starts map guide of Battleground Mobile India. Now in thi article we are talking about Vikendi map.  Vikendi is one of the most iconic maps. There really […]Read More

Top 3 Most Powerfull Gun’s of Free Fire in 2021

Free Fire is the most popular battle royal mobile game in the world. In the game, players will land in an abandoned island to collect items. Weapons and fight until there is only 1 survivor. The game has a huge collection of weapons for the players to choose from. Due to Free Fire’s dynamic gameplay. […]Read More

Here’s Know, How Esports Organization Earn Money

How do esports teams make money in India? What is their revenue model like? How much do Indian team and players earn? To answer these and many other questions. Let’s start by setting some context. Roster refers to a group of pro players. Add some support staff like coaches, analysts etc and you have an […]Read More

How do players increase their K/D Ratio in Battlegrounds Mobile

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has  launched as a beta version in the country. Players happy with early access to the game on the Google Play Store. Most players work hard to maintain good statistics each season to earn the title of a pro player from teammates. The statistics include a high K/D ratio and maintaining […]Read More

Battlegrounds Mobile India Leak: Season 1, Map renews And More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) finally released its beta test version last week amid unrealistic hype. There are clearly various differences between BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Although both the games are similar in nature. Millions of Indian fans have immediately returned as the game became available. Along with this release, a special “Super Season 1” plan […]Read More

Top 5 Biggest YouTube Gaming Channel in India

For the last few years, The growth of the indain gaming community is not hidden from anyone. Today 80% of the people in India like to play games. Youtube india has also promoted the gaming community. Whether it is a matter of views or subscribers. The number of subscribers in this gaming community is growing […]Read More

If you break BGMI rules, regulations then you will get

The release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still unknown. Krafton, the developers of the India-specific Battle Royale, is expected to announce the launch date soon. Before the official release, users can get early access to BGMI. The game is currently only available on Android smartphones and iOS users will have to wait a bit. […]Read More

This way To Get Back Your Old PUBG Mobile Account

Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Beta is now out on Google Play Store. After waiting for 9 months, players are now getting their first chance to experience their favorite game again. Players can register and access to become a tester and experience the game to right away. What’s even better is that in Battleground Mobile India, […]Read More