Battleground Mobile India Release Date Hint

Battlegrounds Mobile India was announced on 6 May. Players are then waiting for the game to be released. Battlegrounds Mobile India will be a brand new game. Which is designed for Indian players. Finally, Battleground Mobile India has been announced. Recently, some leaks from various professional PUBG Mobile players have indicated release date of the upcoming Battle Royal game.

Battleground Mobile India Launch in June

After several months, PUBG Mobile is confirmed to make a comeback in the Indian gaming community. After a long time the game will return with a new avatar. Developers have recently released pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Which has started from 18 May. However, the official release’s specific date remained a mystery among fans.

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The gamers have kept a websites and social media pages to pick up any hints related to the release dates. Recently many famous PUBG Mobile players leaked release date.

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Mortal has posted a tweet to his official Twitter account to hint some random numbers to release of Battleground Mobile India. Another popular PUBG player also a hint to release date. However, he did not give the exact date to the players.

Ghatak told that Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available in the third week of June. Developers Krafton Inc. have not yet confirmed specific release dates. However, recent leaks indicate that the game will be released soon. The pre-registration is currently start for Android users. Now Players can register through the Google Play Store.

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Battlegrounds also guarantees in-game rewards even if pre-registration is done for Mobile India. Such as Recon Skin, Recon Mask, Celebration Expert Title and 300 AG players will be given. However, this game is made for Indian gamers. The developers have confirmed that there will be specific events and rewards to make the gamers more enjoyable.

Battlegrounds Mobile India New upcoming Maps

Erangel 2.0 maps have added in Battleground Mobile India. The new player UNDOGS Battleground Map is a new version of the original Erangel. Will retain its elements for the most part. Whether Battlegrounds Mobile India will be added to this map or not, but it is expected to come soon.

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Battleground Mobile India provides different types of maps spread across different regions. Battlegrounds Mobile India will also provide innumerable maps for gamers, as confirmed by the developers.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Maps

  • Sanhok Map
  • Livik
  • Karakin Map
  • Vikendi Map
  • Erangel Map 
  • Miramar Map
  • Battlegrounds Mobile India New upcoming PUBG maps

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