Battlegrounds Mobile India Leak: Season 1, Map renews And More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) finally released its beta test version last week amid unrealistic hype. There are clearly various differences between BGMI and PUBG Mobile. Although both the games are similar in nature. Millions of Indian fans have immediately returned as the game became available.

Along with this release, a special “Super Season 1” plan was leaked – it’s likely that Krafton is going to reset the season count with this release. In this article, we are going to showcase everything available about BGMI’s Super Season 1 update that was leaked so far.

1. Advance Pick-up Setting

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It’s a new “smart setting” that lets you choose your optimal attachment for any gun. Rather than having to change the attachment mid-battle. If you have selected Half Grip as your preferred grip. So the feature will automatically hold that grip even if there are others around. This will reduce the amount of micro-management you need in the game.

2. New Lobby and Spawn Island

A new collaborative feature appears in the main lobby and will serve as an inbox for in-game information. Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India will not be able to take it in matches – the partner is the lobby itself. There will be some minor changes to the spawn island, with the addition of new containers, a conveyor belt, and some broken buildings.

3. Pochinki renew

Pochinki, The center of Erangel and a super popular drop will turn into something more trendy. The new buildings will replace some of the older buildings. They are the transit centre, Which is the center of all hyperlines in Erangel. This new change will attract even more players to Pochinki. You can expect some intense combat here.

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4. Georgopol Renew

A new cargo ship will appear in the port of Georgopol. While the ship is certainly a grand structure. We are unsure whether it is going to be a site of loot. Georgopol’s main port area will receive massive remodeling with conveyor belts and automated transport equipment. The warehouse is now bigger and more futuristic, with crates getting new textures. Even the port crane stairs haveĀ  replaced with electric lifts.

5. Milatry base Renew

The military base on Sosnovka Island will also redesigned in the future. It is now the Sosnovka Security Center. Some buildings are updated, with spacious spaces and automatic doors. However, the fan-favorite C-Block will remain the same.

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6. New Mark Mode

Previously, players could only place regular points on the minimap. In this version, the icon turns into a beacon that the player can see without opening the map. It makes navigation very easy. There will also a new auto jump feature for parachuting. Players can choose to jump automatically within 100 meters of their beacon. This makes jumping very easy.

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