Bermuda 2.0 Is Permanently Coming Back in Free Fire

Bermuda 2.0 is the updated version of Free Fire Map is an improved version of Bermuda. It was released on 1 January. Bermuda 2.0 has better graphics with many new locations compared to the old map. Most Free Fire players really love the new version of Bermuda. But on 17 January the map was removed so that the gods could adapt and fix all the bugs on the map.

Bermuda is one of the most favorite maps in Free Fire, rivaled only by the breathtakingly inaccessible and capable Kalahari. Over time, Garena indicated on his social platforms that the new locations would make their way into the map as stated in their “Plan Bermuda”. It was about connecting Bermuda’s map with new locations in Free Fire, called Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0. The update that comes with the new character Lucas, a new pet – Mr. Wager, an Assault rifle in Augh, and more, is based on the 3rd anniversary theme of Free Fire.

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What’s new in Bermuda 2.0 ?

Garena Free Fire has just announced on their Facebook fan page that Bermuda 2.0 is coming back to Free Fire permanently this time. The map is expected to be released around the same time as the OB27 update. Which will be on 13 April. 4 new locations in Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 are Samurai Gardens, Newark’s Dam, Aden’s Creek, Academy.

1. Samurai Garden

The Samurai Garden is located on a small island owned by Hato’s family. The place is heavily influenced by Japanese culture with cherry blossom trees and wooden flats. Most buildings in the Samurai’s garden have only 1 floor, except for one temple, which has 3 floors. Samurai’s garden is a mysterious and beautiful place that many players like to leave.

2. Nurek Dam

The plan for this location was indicated in Bermuda with the “New York” and “Russia” leaks as it has the largest hydropower generating stations in both New York and Russia. Hydropower stations produce electricity primarily with the help of turbines that depend on the gravity of the water flow. It lies between the banks of the river and the plantation.

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As of now, it is unknown whether good devices have a high spawn rate. But it is certainly a good place to camp to see that the structure is high and claimable. Therefore you have a certain height advantage over who offends your enemies.

3. Aden’s Greek

The new version of the village Rim Nam may be a reference to the fish huts in Sweden as new images were leaked. The scene at this location has changed a lot and there are structures before it can be identified. However, there is an increase in previously known slums. So by staying here you will not get much cover because the space between the buildings is quite far. In addition, it can be a great place to improve your driving skills with your favorite vehicle as the roads are wide and close.

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4. Academy

The academy is a large area with 2 large buildings and a large yard. There are a lot of loot and secret places for people to camp at this place.

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