Check Out AKM Best Attachment Tips To Get Chicken Dinner

AKM is a one of the most powerful assault rifles in PUBG mobile. This gun has favorite weapon of pro players. Because in this shooting game due to its great power. Learn about some tips and great attachments for AKM PUBG Mobile. This powerful AR has three attachment slots, including a bullet magazine, muzzle and scope. As we all know that AKM recall is very high. If, you want to control recoil of this gun. So you need to proper attachments to control easily recoil. Check here the best attachments for AKM in PUBG Mobile.

1. Mag

One of the best is PUBG AKM’s best enclosure Quick Draw Extended Mag. It is one of the best attachments for almost all PUBG mobile weapons, including SMGs, semi-snipers, some bolt-action snipers, and ARs. This category helps increase the size of the wizard by increasing 2 to 10 bullets depending on the range of the weapon. The AR Quick-Draw Extended Mag increases the mag size and also increase the reloading speed of AKM and some other ARs for 30 to 40 bullets. In addition, the reload period also decreases.

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Alternatively, you can use an extended magazine if you cannot find a quick draw extended magazine. Many players will ask why extended mags are suggested more for AKM than quick draw mags. Answer is its effect and use of AKM. You will mostly use AKM to spray bullets in close fights. Therefore, the more ammunition you fire, the greater the chance of killing the enemy.

Which seems useless in close combat. In particular, aggressive players and fragrances often use one SMG or another AR as a secondary weapon. In close combat, you had a better switch to using that secondary weapon instead of wasting bullets from time to time and giving the opponent a good chance to kill you.

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2. Scope

You must choose the appropriate scope based on the extent of the battle. Then you should use red dot. If the target is about 10 meters away from you. So the 2x scope will help you to aim better with less repetition. In a mid-range combat, the 3x scope is slightly better than the 4x scope. Because it is clear enough but this scope does not cause too much screen shake. You should think carefully before using AKM in mid-range combat as the screen will move very much and you can hardly spray bullets accurately.

3. Muzzle

The best muzzle for this powerful AR should be a compensator as it helps reduce the vertical repetition of the AKM. As mentioned, this gun has the biggest iteration of PUBG Mobile. In addition, its vertical recoil exceeds most of the game’s assault rifles, such as the Beryl M762, M416, SCAR-L, and more.

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Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find a compensator in some medium-robbery locations in the game. Then, you can use a flash header. This muzzle is the second best option for AKM. Although this helps to reduce both vertical and horizontal repetitions and to hide the flash of the gun. But it cannot effectively limit the vertical as a compensator.

If you cannot control it well then you should not use a quenching device for this gun. Only pro players can use that muzzle to reduce the sound of the gun as they can easily control this weapon. Also, you will sometimes feel as if the sphincter makes the gun more repetitive.

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