COD Mobile Announced World Championship 2021, Here’s Know All Details

Previous year, The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship was interrupted due to COVID-19. This is the much awaited tournament. This was called off after the regional stages held. However, this year COD Mobile is back with another World Championship which is bigger and better than its predecessor.

For Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021, Activation has lengthened its partnership with Sony to launch a $ 2 million prize pool. Starting with in-game qualifiers that will be open to all. Players from many regions can participate in the tournament. A COD Mobile Accessport YouTube channel has also been launched by COD Mobile prior to the championship.

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COD Mobile World Championship : 2021

The activism made a big announcement on COD Mobile’s official social media handle. The tournament is sponsored by multinational company Sony and will feature a new format and a larger prize pool. The COD Mobile World Championship 2021 comes with a new and unique format. Here are more details;

  • Stage 1 : Solo Play 

Players will be required to play Rank Solo Play in the first leg between four weekends. Players are required to score 60 points in 10 ranked matches before proceeding to the next stage. Matthew Lewis, the product’s active vice president for CODM, said in an interview with GameSpot that he collaborated with popular content creators iFerg, BobbyPlays, HawksNest. Who provide exciting prizes for the players participating in the first leg of the tournament.

  • Stage 2 : Team Play 

After the single play stage, players will be required to form a team and play a total of 30 ranked matches. The top 256 teams will advance to the next stage.

  • Stage 3 : Regional Qualifiers

The top 256 teams will then fight for the next stage. But How many teams can pass for the next stage. Its details have not been announced yet.

  • Stage 4 : Regional Play-off 

The best teams from each region will then compete with each other. The regional champions would then advance to the finals of the World Championship.

  • Stage 5 : World Championship Final 

This will be the final leg of the COD Mobile World Championship 2021. The best teams in the world will compete to become World Champions and try to secure the lion’s share of the prize pool. COD Mobile will reveal more details about this phase at a later date.

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Rules of Tournaments

  1. Players must be from a qualifying field and must be at least 18 years old to participate in the competition.
  2. Since the first phase of the tournament is through ranked matches. Therefore players must be at a level of 10 or more to compete.
  3. In stages one, two and three of the competition, players can use any device including a tablet.
  4. Players will get devices in the regional playoffs and finals. It is still unknown whether the tournament organizers will provide the device or self.
  5. External devices and controllers are not allowed.

Not yet active to announce the full list of regions. However, he said that they are adding regions based on how popular the game is in that region. The regions confirmed so far are Mainland China, South Asia and the Middle East.

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Whether you want to start your career as a professional at the biggest esports event for COD Mobile or just want to have fun and experience the adrenaline rush of joining an esports tournament, COD Mobile World Championship 2021 for everyone Will be open for More information about the tournament will be announced at a later date. Interested COD mobile players will have to keep their eyes open for the coming weeks.

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