DMR Vs Bolt-Action Sniper: Which Rifle Is Best In PUBG Mobile 2021?

The Marksman Rifle (DMR) and the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle are two main weapon ranges designed for long-range combat in PUBG Mobile.  But which one is better?  Just compare and choose the weapon more suitable for you.

1. Damage

In general, bolt action rifles have more hit damage than DMRs. For example, compared to the two most powerful weapons in both categories, the AWM has more base damage than the Mk14. The AWM can knock down an enemy with a Level-3 helmet in the headshot while the Mk14 needs more hits to take down that enemy. However, the rate of fire in DMR is better. For example, Win94 has the best rate of fire among all bolt-action sniper rifles, which is 0.6. It is still longer than the Mini-14. Therefore, the loss of DMR per second is often greater.

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2. Kill Distance

Bolt-action sniper rifles have higher average distances than DMRs. In particular, the average kill distance of most DMRs is less than 100 meters. Only the MK14 and SLR have an average kill distance of over 100 meters. Meanwhile, almost all bolt-action sniper rifles except Win94 have this figure over 100 meters. Therefore, bolt-action sniper rifles like the M24, Kar98k, and AWM are better for long-range combat when the enemy is far away from you. For example, AWM can kill an enemy that is 1000 meters away from you.

3. Reloading Time

DMR has a higher spawn rate. You can easily find DMR on all maps. But finding a Kar98k or M24 is quite difficult. Also, AWM is super rare. It is located in the airdrop with only 20 special bullets. If you waste all those bullets, then that gun went out of whack. In addition, the DMR category has more weapons than the bolt-action sniper rifle category. Typically, there are five bolt-action rifles. Which include Kar98k, M24, AWM, Win94 and Mossain Nagent. In addition, there are seven DMRs including SKS, VSS, Mini-14, MK14, SLR, QBU and MK12.

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4. Accuracy

DMRs have higher average accuracy than bolt-action rifles. Furthermore, this figure of all DMRs is quite similar. However, Win94 has the highest accuracy while other bolt-action sniper rifles have much lower accuracy. This is because the reload time of these weapons is longer than DMRs. You can fire 10 to 30 pills without delay before reloading with DMR.

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These DMRs are also called automatic sniper rifles because these guns can shoot automatically. However, players have to spend a second or two to reload after each shot. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately shoot the moving target. But in PUBG Mobile, pro players can never become easy targets for you.

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