Never Do These 5 Mistakes in Free Fire, During Rank Push

Free Fire is one of the most competitive mobile shooters game in the world. It has a ranking system where players can compete against it based on skill level. The higher their ranks, the better the opponents will face. In this article, we’ll demonstrate 5 mistakes players often make while moving up the ranks in Free Fire.

1. Never Do Hot Drops

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Hot drops are the highest-risk high-reward action. What you can do in the game. Get off to a hot spot early, secure a weapon and instantly compete with existing players with thrill and action like no other. However, if you want to climb higher ranks. So you have to prioritize your placement points as well. It’s best to just land somewhere isolated to survive the initial stage. Good loot can be accumulated later.

2. Keep Patience and Don’t Rush Blindly

In competitively ranked Free Fire, knowing when to press your advantage is an essential skill. Risking your life for a trade kill is usually not a good idea unless it is at the end of the match. Therefore, players should avoid rushing when they do not have a clear advantage over enemies. Being eliminated from the squad will have a negative effect on your rank. Know when to push and when to back down.

3. Never Play with Randoms

In Free Fire, players can join a game in squads of 3. This allows random players to join the match. Whereas there are cases that random teammates perform well in matches. Most of them perform poorly. This is usually due to a lack of communication with random players on the Internet certainly. This may not work as well as you with people you know. This causes a liability in matches.

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Which in turn lowers your rank. There’s a reason pro players always play in a perfect team. If you are going to play ranked, it is advisable to find a dedicated team or play alone.

4. Don’t Stay in Open

Like all other shooters, cover is very important in Free Fire. Players should try to spin in the safest way possible. That includes both time and position. This requires learning the various maps in Free Fire, their location and terrain. Vehicles are very useful.

Because they let your team move around at a faster pace with a degree of security. Being out in the open can be fatal, as you cannot see all directions at the same time. Having a cover will save you from that trouble, as no danger can come from the covered direction.

5. Don’t Do experiments

Try to stick to the beaten path, make a plan or follow the strategy of others as you move up the ranks in Free Fire. There’s a lot at stake in ranked matches and you can’t afford to prank. Those who play as a team and follow one strategy will be able to outdo the others. If you want to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. So play regular games instead.

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