Free Fire Guide : How to get more kills in last zone

The ultimate goal in every battle royale game is to survive until the end of the match, in Free Fire, this is no different. However, it can be very difficult to survive in the last zone. Because the playing area is reduced to a very small area. Carrying out kills in the last arena requires effective strategy and execution. In this article, we are going to show the most useful tips for getting a kill in the final area of ​​Free Fire.

1. Suitable and Powerfull Weapon

One of the most common mistakes in the end zone of Free Fire is that players are still holding their sniper rifles. The area of ​​the zone is small, so any other weapon is better than a sniper unless you can shoot it without aiming at the sights below. It is recommended to bring AR or SMG. Especially high performance ones at close range like the AK or Groza. A shotgun like the M1887 might also be useful.

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2. Perfect uses of Grenades and utilities

The size of the end zone limits everyone’s movement. Enemies usually have to hide behind rocks, bushes and buildings. A thrown grenade can seriously damage them or force them out of cover.

3. Know Enemies position

If the last safe area falls within an area with buildings, try to secure them first and cover the inside. However, if it falls on a vacant plot of land, try to take higher ground. Gaining the height advantage allows you to quickly locate enemies and protect yourself from getting shot.

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4. Uses more consumables

Players need to keep their health as high as possible. Don’t be afraid to ruin medkit try to perfect yourself whenever you can. If the match is not resolved when the zone is closed. So the player with higher HP is the winner.

5. Patience

You need to keep a cool head and proceed only when your space is revealed. Try to scout around to locate enemy locations. Whoever comes your way. Shoot at him and try to shoot first.

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