Free Fire OB27 Update : Xayne Vs Maro Character, Who Is The More Stronger?

Garena Free Fire is a One of the most important aspects for its characters.  Except for Primis and Nulla, they all have unique skills that assist players on the battlefield.  In addition, Axne and Beat are the most recent additions to the roster of 39 characters in Free Fire.  Free Fire’s developers often add new characters to the game through updates.  On 14 April 2021, the latest OB27 update came on Free Fire’s servers, greatly improving the game.

Garena is generally very conservative about adding new characters to the game. They often introduce 2 or 3 characters in advance server beta. Then choose only 1 to be part of the update. OB27 turned out to be with the more exception, with two new characters Xayne and Maro. Which is added to the game. In this article, we are going to compare two new characters in Free Fire to see which is more useful.

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1. Maro Ability

The newest male character in Free Fire, is based on Egyptian star Muhammad Ramadan. The in-game character is a hawk whose hobby is bowling. Beat’s ability is Falcon Farvor. He is going to be available later in a collaboration program. At level 1, the Falcon Farvor increases your gun damage based on target distance, with a maximum value of 5%. An additional 1% bonus is applied to marked targets (Moko or Shirou’s ability). At the maximum level, the maximum damage bonus increases to 25% and the marked damage bonus increases to 3.5%. While this may look more impressive.

Most of the time you won’t get the maximum damage bonus – battles in Free Fire are usually at medium range. Overall, the Maro is a great addition to the sniper build – with the previously mentioned Shiro and Moco, Rafael’s new capability would be perfect for a combo with the Falcon Feror. Boosting raw damage also works better on sniper rifles, with a single bullet handling higher damage.

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2. Xayne

Xayne is a completely original character. He is an extreme sports athlete who loves to travel. His ability is an active skill called Extreme Encounter. At level 1, the Xtreme Encounter causes the player 80HP and 40% increased damage and damage shield walls and shields for 10 seconds for 150 seconds. HP increase is temporary you lose 80 HP when the skill expires. But the loss will not be fatal. Overall, it has a precise aslator capacity. Activated with skill, you can just shoot through glow walls to deal damage to enemies hidden behind.

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Overall Who is best ?

Overall, both characters are great in their own creation. Xayne is more useful for attackers as well as kill snipers. However, Xayne’s potential is more game-changing. Excess HP can save your life. While huge bonus damage lets you turn the tide of battle. Hit ability, on the other hand, is only a boring damage boost.

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