Free Fire : These 5 Character To Use For Camping

In a battle of war like Free Fire, the main objective is to survive to the end of the match. To do this, some players choose to avoid combat and camp and ambush inside the venue. This can be surprisingly effective because you can commit murder against them. Those who do not pay enough attention. In the list below, we will list the top 5 best characters for the “Camping” playstyle.

1. Laura 

Laura’s special skill is a passive ability called “Sharpshooter”, which if increased her scoop. So she increases in scope. High accuracy matters a lot in a shooter like free fire. A headshot will finish the game much faster than promoting any kind of damage to your enemy. This is why Laura is a super popular character – the same for both pro players and newbies. However this skill can be used on all scoped weapons. It is most useful in colored battles. Because people do not use the scope over long distances more often.

2. Hayato

Hayato’s skill works when he is at low HP. This is not really ideal for crowds who have to keep their HP at their highest possible. Camper Hato will be able to hide in low HP. Thereby making full use of the armor-piercing ability of Bushido skills.Mix it with something like Dragunov (innate armor piercing), you may also be able to achieve 100% armor piercing. Which completely ignores the enemy’s armor.

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3. Shirou

Shirou ability is a passive skill named “Damage Deliver”. This is somewhat related to his background of being a delivery boy. Generally, skills tag an enemy who kills Shiro. Reveals their location and the first hit against them will ignore all armor. With this skill, Shirou can deal with sniper and ambush more effectively. This also deal with a high-damage weapon such as SKS or SVD. The player can also give a shot to people entering that 100% armor. With this skill the vision is not shared with your peers. From this you will only be able to see the marked enemy.

4. Rafael

A sniper rifle and AR are ideal weapons to set up an ambush. No character can smell effectively far away from Rafael. With his “Dead Silent” skills, Rafael can backstab and shoot people freely without having to worry about blowing his cover. It works best in team sports. You can bring down a team member. Then the enemy squad can be left in disarray and come back to cover.

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5. Chrono

Chrono’s skills are called “time turners”. This creates a small bubble with 600 hp that you and your allies can match. You can move fast and shoot the target while in the bubble. But your enemy has to destroy the bubble to get you. The allies will get half of the movement speed. Stops all guns when allowed to shoot.

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