Here’s Know About, Motor Glider Full Tutorial And Tips To Fly Easily

PUBG Mobile has introduced a new vehicle that has long been anticipated: the motor glider. See this guide on how to fly it and some tips for using this vehicle effectively. This new vehicle is available on only two maps: Erangel and Miramar. It can be found easily on roads on this map. You can find the motor glider at Severny and Zharki side easily. Then, you get into the vehicle and make sure the road is completely clean. You should not have to deal with rocks, trees, houses and other nearby obstacles.

When the way forward is cleared, you press the throttle button to increase the power to the maximum level. Then, the motor glider will start moving and speed on the ground. When it reaches 75 km / h, you tap on the ascending button to fly and fly.

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However, you should avoid holding the climb button for a long time or the motor glider will fly slower and reduce altitude. If this can no take more altitude, it can crash with trees and obstacles on the ground. Instead, you should tap on this button to gradually increase the height.

If you want to turn glider to click on left button, tap the left or right button to move. But it still turns left when you stop tapping this button. To fly straight back, you have to tap on the right button, until it flies straight. If you are in the sky to shoot enemies from the sky or want to reduce the speed when you are ready for landing, tap the reduction throttle button.

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You should choose a huge and clear place to land. Obviously, it is a fatal mistake when landing between opponents because they will shoot you when you are more ready to hide and fire. Also, you should not jump out of the motor glider. Because it has not landed, you may have to knock or die due to falling from high places.

Bring a few cans of fuel with you as this new vehicle consumes too much gas to fly. When you increase the throttle, you not only consume more fuel, but also reduce the speed of the motor glider. If you reduce throttle, it helps to save fuel and maintain speed. In addition, you can also create a highlight when shooting opponents on the field.

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If you fly alone on a motor glider, So you can change the seat to click on button to change seats and quickly shoot opponents down to the ground, But It was risky. Then, immediately return to the pilot’s seat to control the glider or it may crash and hit you. Next, you must increase the throttle to maintain speed and altitude.

In addition, it is the most delicate vehicle in the game. You can destroy it with only 20 to 25 bullets. Then, it will fly quickly and kill you with a single blast. Each match has only ten motor gliders. If you want to fly again, you should take off carefully.

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