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After a full 8-month wait, on May 18, 2021, Final BGMI started its official Rre-Registration. After pre-registration of BGMI, people were convinced that BGMI will come to the Play Store very soon. But he says that our people do not have to wait for 8 months to read heavily. But after pre-registration of BGMI, our people are now getting worse day by day and all the people are going to the big YouTube pass and asking for the launch date of BGMI.

Due to a lot of people asking, some big YouTubers have given hints about the release date of BGMI. Like Ghatak Gaming Hint has said that BGMI will come to the Play Store by 3 weeks of June. Responding to Ghatak Gaming, kronten Gaming has said that nothing is digested in Ghatak’s stomach. On the other hand, where is Dynamo Gaming giving the net that BGMI will definitely be launched on the Play Store by the end of June.

Q 1. When Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch ?

From the talks of all these big YouTubers, it seems that BGMI will definitely be launched on the Play Store before the end of June. According to an earlier report by IGN, Battlegrounds may be launched on 18 June.

Q2. What will be the season and rank reset?

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According to a source, Battleground Mobile India will have its own seasons and updates. It will not be necessary that the season and progression of the game run concurrently with the global version of PUBG Mobile. Each player’s rank in the battlegrounds will be reset. This means that in the new game you have to start the game from the bottom rung. Yes, but Royale Pass of Battlegrounds Mobile India will be similar to the global version of PUBG Mobile.

Q3. When it will be launch for iOS version ?

The pre-registration date has not yet started for iOS users. But according to a news, Krafton is working on the release date of the game for iPhone users. Krafton says that iOS users do not need to take pre-registration tenses. When the game is launched, iPhone users will be able to install it from the Direct Apple App Store.

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Q 4. Will PUBG Mobile transfer our account to Battleground Mobile India?

In PUBG Mobile, the players who had taken UC after spending money or had opened many skin. He would love to hear that these things will be returned to him in the new game. Sharma says that even though Battlegrounds Mobile India will have to say something else by not saying UC as UC, but you will definitely get UC in PUBG account in the new game. The same condition will also be with inventory.

Adding one more thing, he said that he did not get any response from Krafton about this thing. But we believe that Battlegrounds Mobile India will give players an option to transfer their PUBG account data to the new game or leave it.

Q 5. What is the size of Battleground Mobile India ?

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Apart from these, the size of Battlegrounds Mobile India can be from 1.5 GB to 2 GB. According to our source, it is also said that the graphic quality and map is the new game will be the same as PUBG. But the name of the map may be changed.

Source – Google

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