Here’s Know, How to Pre Register and Download Apex Legend Mobile ?

Hello friends, Finally arrived the game that every Indian gamer was eagerly waiting for. No – No, I am not talking about Pubg Mobile, there is no confirmed information about when that game will come to India at present. The game I am talking about is Apex Legends Mobile. The game has been waiting for gamers since 2019, the year the game was launched for PC and Consoles. And after almost 2 years, ie in 2021, the mobile version of this game, which is Apex Legends Mobile, is going to be launched.

Apex Legends Mobile is a free to play online Multiplayer Battle Royale game. Which was produced by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronics Arts. In this, you can play by making a squad of 2 or 3 players. Each match has 20 Three Person Squad Team or 30 Duo Person Team. In this game, the players are left on a futuristic island, in which the players collect guns, medic kits etc. and die the players of the other team.

If you have played a Battle Royale game like Pubg Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile or Freefire, then you will know that there is a circle in the map, which gets smaller with the passage of time. You have to stay inside the circle to stay alive in the game, the gameplay of Apex Legends is going to be like this. The team that survives till the end wins the game.

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Apex Legend Characters

Apex Legends Mobile has many types of characters, also known as Legends. Every Legend has its own unique skill and ability. As we all know that Apex Legends Mobile is based on its PC game Apex Legends. So there are many chances of this, its characters will also be Apex Legends PC / Consoles. In the beginning you will get to see only a few characters, the remaining characters will be added to the game with Updates. Apex Legend has a total of 16 characters with unique abilities.

How to Pre Register for Apex Legend Mobile

Follow these steps to pre-register Apex Legends Mobile on Android.

  • First of all open the Playstore on your phone and go there and search Apex Legends Mobile.

  • Now you open the top option ie Apex Legends Mobile, you must see that the developer is Electronics Art.

  • Now all you have to do is click on the Pre-Register.

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After doing this, Apex Legends Mobile will be registered on your Gmail ID. Now whenever this game is released, you will get the notification of this game on your phone at the same time. But if the Apex Legends does not appear in the mobile search when you search for some reason, then the main reason may be that your phone is not comaptible or it may be due to a bug. In such a situation, if you want to pre-register this game, then you can pre-register it in this way.

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Second Method

  • First of all open Chrome Browser in your phone and go to Incognito Mode and log in with your Gmail ID.
  • Now you have to write on Google Apex Legends Mobile Playstore. You open the previous search result.
  • Now all you have to do is click on the Pre-Register. Your game is pre-registered.

Device Requirements

By the way, the officials of Apex Legends Mobile have not yet received information about the system requirements. But many top game reviewers believe that if you have a variant of Iphone 8 or above, then this game will run on your device quite easily. On the other hand, if you are an Android user, then you should have a Snapdragon 625 or above processor. If you talk about RAM, then your device should have at least 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

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How to Download Apex Legend Mobile ?

Apex Legends Mobile is currently only in the Pre-Registration phase, also for India and Philippines only. This game is not available for download right now. Now you can only pre-register it. We have explained the procedure for pre-register in the above paragraph. We can expect the release date of this game between August and October 2021. As this beta testing of the game will come or the game will be released, you will find its link in this article. So you keep checking our blog from time to time.

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