Here’s Know, Why Indian Audience love Battleground Mobile India

Finaly, Krafton Company has officially announced the return of PUBG Mobile in India. The game will be back soon with the name Battleground Mobile India. Krafton released a teaser on YouTube and all social media handles. Even though PUBG Mobile has been banned for over 8 months, The response from the community is still unbelievable. A new teaser has been uploaded on the Battleground Mobile India YouTube channel, which was the old PUBG Mobile India YouTube channel. The teaser has received 1.8 million views in just a few hours.

In this article, we will tell you 5 reasons why Indian players love Battleground Mobile India so much.

1. Realistic Battle Royal Game

PUBG was the first Battle Royale title to receive widespread attention and marked the beginning of a Battle Royale worldwide. However, PUBG PUBG PC has a high demand that this not all players can afford. PUBG Mobile was then released, bringing the same battle royale experience of PUBG to smartphones, which is more accessible to many.

2. Intresting Gaming Tasks

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Shooter games on mobile are usually toned and not as exciting as a shooter game on PC. However, In PUBG Mobile has brought every features like PUBG PC. 100 players and only 1 player will survive on an abandoned island. While control on mobile is different. All of PUBG’s intricate features and gameplay make the game more attractive than other mobile games.

3. Popular for PM Narendra Modi

Ye PUBG Wala hai kya 

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PUBG Mobile was the most popular game in India, so popular that even people, who do not play it, know about it including PM Modi. It is really easy to meet and befriend other players with such a huge community.

4. Popular Youtubers

Popular YouTubers like Mortal, Dynamo, … have contributed a lot to the PUBG mobile community in India. He created a lot of new material for the game and connected with his audience. Every PUBG Mobile YouTuber has their own way of keeping the game fresh with their skills and creativity.

5. Esports Career 

There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile has changed the entire gaming and escort scene in India. No other game could do what PUBG Mobile did. But escort and gaming are being accepted more and more thanks to PUBG Mobile.

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There were high prize pools, tournaments with large sponsors, and countless job opportunities for sports enthusiasts that PUBG Mobile has brought to India. Even when the game was banned. Even then these things remain and have spread to other titles.

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