How To Become Pro Assaulter in PUBG Mobile , Here’s Know Tips

PUBG Mobile has reached the top charts in the Battle Royal style in various App Stores. The game has garnered millions of downloads and is liked by players of all age groups. A player is considered a supporter if he is a good attacker in the game. An attacker is the one who provides the team with an early knock on the enemy team. It helps the team to participate in the rival team and wipe them out. PUBG mobile attackers have an important role in the PUBG mobile team, especially in pro teams. Here are some of the rough tips learned from Pro Asalters at PMPL.

Assaulting Tips in PUBG Mobile

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Assaulters often use rifles and play as tankers in their teams. Check out some tips to become a pro attack in this shooting game. Use powerful ARs with high rates of fire and large ammo capability. You should use two ARs. For example, pro-attackers often use an M416 and a Beryl M762 to counter enemies in short and medium-range battles.

When you have to run or join a close fight. So use a red dot or a holo to aim and shoot. Get into the habit of hip-fire. You must master this skill so that when faced with unexpected enemies you can quickly turn around and compete. Master left-side spray and right-left spray. Do not stand still and sprinkle bullets while facing the enemy or you will become an easy target and may get knocked down.

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In PMPL, pro-attackers can spray iron visually. In the initial stage of the match, you cannot find scope attachments. Like red dot or hollow, you have to aim with iron sight. In addition, those pro players can only spray with red dots to kill the enemy in mid-range combat. Therefore, you need to keep the crosshairs stable so that all the bullets go correctly.

Pro attackers should be able to spray bullets with all types of scope. They often use a static AR. Such as Groza or M416 such as to spray bullets more accurately and strictly in mid-range combat. Practice Makes Perfect. These supporters practice hours with the attacking team players and other supporting players. Then, they can fight with all types of weapons.

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To be a good attacker, players need to grind and practice. The best way to improve is by playing TDM or Arena matches. Since most gunfights in TDM and Arena modes are close-range. So players will definitely see an improvement in their attack. Players can also practice 1v1 in TDM rooms. After creating a custom room, players can invite some of their pro friends to play with them.

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